Elite SAT Vocab 751 - 800

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  1. abstruse
    difficult to understand
  2. dissonant
    harsh and disagreeable in sound
  3. advocate
    to speak in support of something
  4. hubris
    excessive pride
  5. fiasco
    a major disaster
  6. philanthropic
    donating to charity
  7. disdain
    a feeling of contempt
  8. resolve
    to make a firm decision; to fond a solution to
  9. wield
    to handle (for example a tool); to exert (for example power)
  10. rankle
    to cause persistent irritation; to feel or express irritation or resentment
  11. aegis
    a protection; sponsorship
  12. advent
    a coming or an arrival, esp. of something very important
  13. shoddy
    inferior or cheap
  14. alleviate
    to reduce pain, esp. temporarily or without removing its cause
  15. prone
    tending or likely to do something; lying face down
  16. progeny
    children or descendants
  17. ethics
    the standards or rules government proper conduct
  18. novel
    striking new
  19. plastic
    capable of being shaped or molded; easily influenced
  20. savor
    to taste or smell, esp. with pleasure
  21. demote
    to reduce to lower rank
  22. daunt
    to make afraid; to intimidate
  23. scathing
    very harsh in something, like a remark
  24. rout
    an overwhelming defeat; a disorderly retreat or flight following a defeat
  25. malign
    to talk badly of something or someone
  26. mimic
    to copy closely, esp. with intent to ridicule
  27. inadvertent
    unintentional; accidental
  28. beckon
    to signal or summon, as by nodding or waving
  29. bizarre
    very odd in manner; grotesque; strange
  30. resonant
    strong and deep in tone
  31. neologism
    new word or phrase
  32. badger
    to nag
  33. libertine
    one who lived an immoral life
  34. prestige
    fame or importance based on reputation or achievement
  35. stifle
    to interrupt or cut off; to keep in or hold back; to suffocate or smother
  36. articulate
    able to express oneself clearly and effectively
  37. grandiloquent
    using excessively fancy or pompous words
  38. trifle
    something that lacks significance or worth
  39. prospect
    the outlook for the future; a view, of scenery
  40. confer
    to consult; to present as a gift or honor
  41. conspicuous
    easy to notice; obvious; apparent
  42. deadlock
    a tie; a standstill
  43. debilitated
    showing impairment of energy or strength
  44. douse
    to wet thoroughly
  45. predicament
    a troublesome or embarrassing situation
  46. autonomy
    independence; self-government
  47. cognition
    the process of knowing; perception purging of the emotions
  48. catharsis
    purging of the emotions
  49. flourish
    to blossom; to grow vigorously; to prosper
  50. elocution
    the art of public speaking, with attention to delivery
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