Veritas Cluster Server and Microsoft Cluster Server

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  1. Service Groups
    two types
    • Failover
    • -online on only one cluster system at a time
    • -referred to as active/passive
    • -most common type

    • Parallel
    • -online on multiple cluster systems simultaneoustly
    • -referred to as active /active
    • -Example: Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)
  2. Service groups
    • is a container that enables VCS to manage an application serveice as a unit
    • Resources
    • Dependencies
    • Attributes
  3. Resources
    • correspond to the hardware or software components of an application service
    • -have unique names thoughtout the cluster
    • -are always contained within service groups
    • -are categorized as:
    • -persistent: never turned off
    • -nonpersistent: turned on and off

    • Recommedations:
    • -match resource and service group names to easily identify all resources in a group
    • -use a naming convention that identifies the service and type of resource
  4. Dependencies
    • determine online and offline order of resources
    • -determine parent/child relationships
    • child comes up first than parent
    • -are defined to be parent dependent on child
    • -cannot be cyclical
  5. Resource types
    • define characteristics of resources
    • -specify the attributes
    • -are used to create a resource
    • -are similar to source code
  6. agents
    • manage resources
    • -corresponds to a resource type
    • -manages all resources of that type
    • -runs on each system with an active resource
    • -has one or more entry points which perform set actions as resources
  7. failovers
    • A/P
    • A/A
    • N:1-A/A and spare
    • N:N-A/A/A-  any one the host can host the applciation
    • N+1- A/A/A-spare
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