chapter 6 American society/families and households m405

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  1. types of households (family and non family)
    • family- at least twp members related by birth, marriage, or adoption. one of whom is the householder
    • nonfamily- householder is living alone, or exclusive with other to whom they are not related to
  2. the household life cycle HLC
    therefore researchers have developed several models of the house hold life cycle. all are based on the age and marital status of the adult members of the household and the presence and age of kids
  3. family decision making
    is the processĀ  by which decisions that directly or indirectly involve two or more family member are made.
  4. the natureĀ  of family purchase roles
    • initiator- the family member who first recongize a need or starts the purchase process
    • information gather- the individual who has expertise and interest in a particular purchase
    • influencer- the person who influences the alternatives evaluated, the criteria considered, and the final choice.
    • decision maker- the person who makes the final decision
    • purchase- the family member who actually purchase the product
    • user- the user of product. there can be multiple users for products
  5. husband and wife dominant
    • husband- have traditionally occures with purchases on products such as automobiles, liquor, and life insurance
    • wife- common in the purchase of household items , food kitchen
  6. family conflict resolution
    • bargaining-trying to reach a compromise
    • impression management- misrepresenting the facts in order to win
    • use of authority- claiming superior expertise or role appropriateness (the husband/wife should make such decisions)
    • reasoning- using logical argument to win
    • playing the emotions- using the silent treatment or withdrawing from discussion
    • additional information- getting additional data or a third party opinion
  7. consumer socialization
    is the process by which young people acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes relevant to their functioning as consumer in the marketplace.
  8. content and process of consumer
    • content- of consumer socialization refers to what children learn with respect to consumption.
    • process- refers to how they learn it
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