Elite SAT Vocab 801 - 850

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  1. interlocutor
    someone who takes part in a conversation, esp. formally
  2. tyranny
    arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority
  3. hospitable
    friendly, kind, and solicitous toward guests; receptive or open
  4. melee
    a noisy, confused fight
  5. acrimony
    bitter, sharp hostility in speech or behavior
  6. martial
  7. fitful
    occurring in irregular outbursts; occurring in spurts
  8. rapport
    concord; a trustful relationship; harmony
  9. nihilism
    a belief that rejects all moral or religious values; the belief that the destruction of political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement
  10. pejorative
    downgrading, demeaning
  11. chasten
    to correct by punishment or criticism; to restrain
  12. officious
    interfering; trying to give unwanted advice
  13. cataclysm
    a disastrous event, usually one that brings about great change
  14. mandate
    a command; an order
  15. colloquy
    a conversation; esp. a formal one
  16. plausible
    appearing worthy of belief or trust
  17. demur
    to object; to disagree with something
  18. conviction
    a strong belief or opinion
  19. prowess
    superior skill or ability
  20. reproof
    an expression of disapproval; a rebuke
  21. crop
    to cut or bite the ends off; to trim
  22. theology
    the study of the nature of God and religious truth
  23. own
    to admit, esp. taking personal responsibility for one's own actions or thoughts
  24. qualm
    a sudden feeling of sickness; an uneasy feeling about the moral rightness of an action
  25. circumlocution
    an indirect or wordy way of expressing an idea
  26. lachrymose
    causing tears; weeping or inclined to weep
  27. start
    to move suddenly or involuntarily
  28. surly
    sullen and rude
  29. covet
    to desire strongly
  30. comport
    to conduct or behave oneself; to be compatible or in agreement with
  31. grapple
    to struggle with something; to grip and hold
  32. awry
    away from the correct course; wrong; deviant
  33. pliant
    easily bent; pliable; adaptable or complaint
  34. paean
    a song of joy, triumph, or praise
  35. tribulation
    a great misery, or distress
  36. fetter
    to confine, restrain, or keep down
  37. graphic
    described in vivid and explicit detail
  38. coerce
    to force by threat or intimidation
  39. contemplate
    to look at or think about carefully; to consider as a possibility
  40. auspicious
    showing signs of a favorable outcome; marked by favorable circumstances
  41. comply
    to yield or act in accordance with request, conditions, etc.
  42. abide
    to tolerate
  43. repugnant
    causing disgust or aversion; distasteful; offensive
  44. depreciate
    to reduce in price or value
  45. desolate
    left alone; lonely; deserted
  46. hefty
    a heavy; big; strong, muscular; of considerable size or amount
  47. haunt
    to visit often or continually; [n] a place visited frequently
  48. decadence
    a period of decline, as in morals
  49. disposition
    personality; temperament
  50. ultimatum
    a final demand or statement of terms
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