Security Plus Acronyms

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  1. NAT
    • Network Address Translations
    • (helped when we ran out of IP's)
  2. PAT
    Port Address Translations
  3. 3DES
    Triple Data Encryption standard
  4. AD-IDS
    Anomaly-Detection Intrusion Detection System
  5. AES
    Advanced Encryption Standard
  6. ALE
    Annual Loss Expectancy
  7. AP
    Access Point
  8. ARO
    Annualized Rate of Occurence
  9. ARP
    Address Resolution Protocol
  10. BCP
    Business Continuity Planning
  11. BIA
    Business Impact Analysis
  12. BIOS
    Basic Input/Output System
  13. CA
    Certificate Authority
  14. CGI
    Common Gateway Interface
  15. CHAP
    Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  16. CRL
    Certificate Revocation List
  17. DAC
    Discretionary Access Control
  18. DDoS
    Distributed Denial of Service
  19. DES
    Data Encryption Standard
  20. DHCP
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  21. DNS
    Domain Name Service or Server
  22. DoS
    Denial of Service
  23. DSSS
    Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
  24. ECC
    Elliptical Curve Cryptography
  25. EAP
    Extensible Authentication Protocol
  26. EF
    Exposure Factor
  27. EMI
    Electromagnetic Interference
  28. ESP
    Encapsulating Security Payload
  29. FHSS
    Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  30. FIPS
    Federal Information Processing Standard
  31. FTP
    File Transfer Protocol
  32. HIDS
    Host-based Intrusion Detection
  33. HIPS
    Host-based Intrusion Prevention
  34. HMAC
    Hashed Message Authentication Code
  35. HTTP
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  36. HTTPS
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL
  37. HVAC
    Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  38. IANA
    Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  39. IAU
    Internet Architecture Board
  40. ICMP
    Internet Control Manager Protocol
  41. IDS
    Intrusion Detection System
  42. IETF
    Internet Engineering Task Force
  43. IGMP
    Internet Group Management Protocol
  44. IKE
    Internet Key Exchange
  45. IKMP
    Internet Key Management Protocol
  46. IM
    Instant Message
  47. IMAP
    Internet Message Access Protocol
  48. IPSEC
    Internet Protocol Security
  49. ISP
    Internet Service Provider
  50. ITU
    International Telecommunications Union
  51. KDU
    Key Distribution Center
  52. KEA
    Key Exchange Algorithm
  53. L2TP
    Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
  54. LAN
    Local Area Network
  55. LANMAN
    LAN Manager
  56. LDAP
    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  57. MAC
    Mandatory Access Control

    Media Access Control

    Message Authentication Code
  58. MD5
    Message Digest version 5
  59. MD-IDS
    Misuse-Detection Intrusion Detection System
  60. MITM
  61. MSCHAP
    Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  62. NAC
    Network Access Control
  63. NAT
    Network Address Translation
  64. NFS
    Network File System
  65. NIC
    Network Interface Card
  66. NIDS
    Network-based Intrusion Detection System
  67. NIPS
    Network-based Intrusion Prevention Systems
  68. NIST
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
  69. NOC
    Network Operations Center
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