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  1. Domain of Sin(x):
    • Regular: (-infinity, infinity)
    • Inverse: [-pi/2,pi/2]
  2. Domain of Cos(x):
    • Regular: (-infinity, infinity)
    • Inverse: [0,pi]
  3. Domain of Tan(x):
    • Regular: U(pi/2+pik, 3pi/2+pik)
    • Inverse: (-pi/2,pi/2)
  4. Domain of csc(x):
    • Regular: U(0+pik, pi+pik)
    • Inverse: [-pi/2,0) U (0,pi/2]
  5. Domain of sec(x):
    • Regular: U(pi/2+pik, 3pi/2+pik)
    • Inverse: [0,pi/2)U(pi/2,pi]
  6. Domain of Cot(x):
    • Regular:U(0+pik, pi+pik)
    • Inverse: (0,pi)
  7. How many solutions for AAA and what law?
    Infinite solutions and no law
  8. How many solutions for SAA and what law?
    1 and Law of Sines
  9. How many solutions for SSA and what law?
    0,1,2 and Law of Sines
  10. How many solutions for SAS and what law?
    1 and Law of Cosines
  11. How many solutions for SSS and what law?
    0,1 and Law of Cosines
  12. When A<Bsin(a), than _________ solution
  13. What A=Bsin(a), than there is...
    one solution and use the law of sines
  14. When A>Bsin(a), than there is...
    2 solutions use law of sines
  15. A+B have to be > C to have a solution, otherwise...
    no solution
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