Seminole Airspeeds & Definitions

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  1. What is the definition of Vmc? What speed is it?
    The minimum flight speed at which it is possible to retain control of the airplane and maintain straight flight, with maximum rudder deflection and not more than 5° of bank, following sudden failure of the critical engine. 56 KIAS, it is a red line on the ASI.
  2. Vmc for an airplane is generally determined under what conditions?
    • All engines developing maximum rated power at the time of critical engine failure
    • The aircraft is at a minimum practical test weight with a rearmost center of gravity
    • Landing gear retracted, flaps in take off position and the prop of the failed critical engine is windmilling
  3. What will the airplane tend to do at speeds below Vmc?
    Yaw and roll towards the failed engine
  4. How can control be regained when at speeds below Vmc?
    Reduction in power of the good engine or increasing airspeed through a change in pitch attitude or both.
  5. Rotation speed? Vr
    75 KIAS
  6. What is the definition of decision speed? V1
    The speed at which the aircraft is committed to fly and can't stop on the remaining runway. This speed does not apply to light piston aircraft.
  7. What is the definition of intentional one engine inoperative speed? What is Vsse?
    A speed both above Vmc and Vs that is selected to provide a margin of lateral and directional control when one engine is suddenly rendered inoperative. Intentionally failing an engine below this speed is not recommended. 82 KIAS.
  8. What is the definition of maneuvering speed? What is Va?
    The maximum speed at which the application of full controls will not overstress the aircraft. 112 KIAS at 2700lbs 135 KIAS 3800lbs
  9. What is the definition of design flap speed? What is Vf?
    The maximum speed at which flaps may be actuated. 111 KIAS, top of the white arc.
  10. What is the definition of maximum flap extended speed? What is Vfe?
    The maximum speed permissible with the flaps extended. 111 KIAS, top of the white arc.
  11. What is Vle?
    140 KIAS
  12. What is Vlo?
    Maximum landing gear retraction speed. 109 KIAS.
  13. What is Vy?
    88 KIAS, blue line.
  14. What is the definition of single engine best rate of climb speed? What is Vyse?
    Speed which provides the maximum altitude gain for the shortest time on one engine. 88 KIAS, blue line.
  15. What is Vx?
    82 KIAS
  16. What is the definition of single engine best angle of climb speed? What is Vxse?
    Most altitude in the least distance on a single engine. 82 KIAS.
  17. What is Vs?
    57 KIAS, bottom of the green arc.
  18. What is Vso?
    55 KIAS, bottom of the white arc.
  19. What is Vne?
    202 KIAS, red line.
  20. What is the definition of the maximum structural cruising speed? What is Vno?
    The speed that should not be exceeded except in smooth air and then only with caution. 169 KIAS, top of the green arc.
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