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  1. A. What type of epithelial Tissue
    B. Identify the Structure
    • A. Simple squamous epithelium
    • B. Bowman's Capsule

  2. A. Function
    B. Location
    • A. Filtration and Diffusion
    • B. Lungs, Kidney, Blood Vessels

  3. A. What type of Tissue
    B. Fuction
    • A. Simple Squamous Epithelium
    • B. Diffusion

  4. A. Identify the structure
    A. Alveolus of the lungs

  5. A. Location
    B. Function
    • A. Tunica intima of Atery
    • B. Protection

  6. A. What type of tissue
    A. Simple Squamous epithelium

  7. A. Type of Tissue
    B. Identify the structure
    • A. Simple cuboidal epithelium
    • B. Kidney Tubules

  8. A. Function
    A. Filtration

  9. A. Type of Tissue
    B. Function
    • A. Simple cuboidal epithelium
    • B. Protection/ Excretion

  10. A. Identify the structure
    B. What type of gland
    • A. thyroid gland
    • B. Endocrine

  11. A. what type of Tissue
    B Locations
    • A. Simple Columnar Epithelium
    • B.small Intestine, Stomach and Digestive tract, uterus & Oviduct

  12. A. What type of Special membrane is present
    B. Function
    • A. Microvilli
    • B. Absorption

  13. A. Type of epithelium
    B. Function
    • A. Stratified Squamous Keratinized
    • B. Protection

  14. A. identify is K
    B.identify is G
    C. identify the structure
    • A. Stratum Corneum
    • B. Granular cell layer
    • C. Brown Skin

  15. A. what type of tissue
    B. Location
    • A. Stratified squamous epithelium
    • B. esophagus, tongue, anal canal, vaginal canal

  16. A. what type of epithelial tissue
    B. location
    • A. Stratified Columnar Epithelium
    • B.  ocular conjunctiva of the eye, in parts of the pharynx and anus, the female's uterus, the male urethra and vas deferens

  17. A. what type of epithelial tissue
    B. location
    • A. Stratified cuboidal epithelium
    • B. ducts of sweat glands, mammary glands, and salivary glands

  18. A. what type of tissue
    B. what specialized membrane present
    • A. Pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium w/ goblet cell
    • B. Cilia

  19. A. Location
    B. function
    • A. trachea
    • B. Secretion or absorption

  20. A. what type of epithelium
    B function
    • A. Transitional epithelium
    • B stretch to accommodate liquid

  21. A. shaped when relaxed
    B. Shape when streched
    • A. cuboidal
    • B. Squamous

  22. A. what type of tissue
    B. What structure is this
    • A. Glandular Epithelium (apocrine/ simple tubular)
    • B. Mammary gland

  23. identify the structure
    goblet cell

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Microscopic anatomy practical
Microscopic anatomy
Practical Exam on epithelial Tissue
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