Elite SAT Vocab 1001 - 1050

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  1. Lucrative
    [Adj] Producing wealth; profitable
  2. Uncanny
    [Adj] Strangely unsettling, as if of supernatural origin
  3. Utopia
    [N] An ideally perfect place
  4. Hue
    [N] A shade of color
  5. Gross
    [Adj] Total, entire; glaringly obvious, flagrant
  6. Forlorn
    [Adj] Appearing sad because abandoned; in pitiful conditions; almost without hope
  7. Ecstasy
    [N] State of overwhelming joy; rapture
  8. Valid
    [Adj] Based on truth or fact; having legal force
  9. Decry
    [V] To speak out against strongly and openly
  10. Check
    [V] To restrain or block
  11. Proximity
    [N] Closeness
  12. Corrupt
    [Adj] Marked by immorality; dishonest; containing errors (as in a text)
  13. Colossal
    [Adj] Very large
  14. Leery
    [Adj] Suspicious; distrustful
  15. Egress
    [N] Going out; the right to go out or exit
  16. Archetype
    [N] The original pattern or model; a perfect example
  17. Referendum
    [N] Direct popular vote on a law or measure of public policy
  18. Kin
    [N] One's relatives
  19. Coax
    [V] To persuade or obtain by pleading or flattery
  20. Talisman
    [N] Something thought to have magic power
  21. Truncate
    [V] To cut short
  22. Manifest
    [Adj] Obvious; very clear; evident
  23. August
    [Adj] Inspiring awe or admiration, esp. because of high rank or character
  24. Commodity
    [N] Something useful that can be used for financial advantage; a product or service that is indistinguishable from the same thing from competing sellers
  25. Context
    [N] The circumstances in which something occurs
  26. Insinuate
    [V] To hint
  27. Archaic
    [Adj] Of a much earlier, often more primitive period
  28. Flagrant
    [Adj] Conspicuously bad or offensive
  29. Rapacious
    [Adj] Excessively greedy; taking by force
  30. Adapt
    [V] To adjust to a new situation or environment; to change
  31. Labyrinthine
    [Adj] Complicated; puzzling
  32. Debut
    [N] A first appearance before the public
  33. Consecrate
    [V] To make or set apart as sacred
  34. Stratum
    [N] A level or layer
  35. Morass
    [N] An area of swampy ground; something that hinders
  36. Prolific
    [Adj] Producing a lot
  37. Boycott
    [V] To refuse to buy, sell, or use
  38. Ostentatious
    [Adj] Showy; pretentious
  39. Domain
    [N] A territory or range of rule or control
  40. Reek
    [V] To give off a strong, unpleasant odor; to be pervaded with something unpleasant
  41. Nefarious
    [Adj] Very wicked; villainous
  42. Deference
    [N] Yielding an opinion, desire, or position to another out of respect
  43. Innocuous
    [Adj] Harmless
  44. Resent
    [V] To feel hostility because of a perceived insult or injury
  45. Pulpit
    [N] A podium used for preaching
  46. Vapid
    [Adj] Lacking interest, animation, or flavor
  47. Egalitarian
    [Adj] Of the belief that all people should have equal rights
  48. Harangue
    [N] A long pompous speech; a speech or piece of writing expressing strong emotion; a tirade
  49. Agrarian
    [Adj] Related to farming
  50. Regale
    [V] To delight or entertain
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