Elite SAT Vocab 1051-1100

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  1. Bar
    [V] To keep out; to exclude
  2. Desultory
    [Adj] Lacking a plan or purpose; unmethodical
  3. Opportunist
    [N] One who takes advantage of every opportunity, whether or not it is moral to do so
  4. Visceral
    [Adj] Instinctive; relating to the internal organs
  5. Permeate
    [V] To spread or flow throughout
  6. Stagnant
    [Adj] Inactive; not moving
  7. Indiscriminate
    [Adj] Unselective; random; unrestrained
  8. Stark
    [Adj] Not ornamented; plain; absolute
  9. Rancorous
    [Adj] Bitter and resentful
  10. Prodigal
    [Adj] Exceedingly or recklessly wasteful
  11. Disconcert
    [V] To make confused or uneasy
  12. Patron
    [N] A sponsor; a supporter; a regular customer
  13. Margin
    [N] A border or edge; a limit in condition or ability; an amount or degree of difference
  14. Fervent
    [Adj] Passionate; eager; earnest
  15. Penchant
    [N] A strong liking
  16. Climax
    [N] The point of greatest intensity, which marks the end of an ascending process
  17. Requisite
    [Adj] Needed; necessary
  18. Cognizant
    [Adj] Aware (with "of")
  19. Amorphous
    [Adj] Without definite shape; shapeless; unorganized
  20. Demeanor
    [N] Outward behavior, esp. that reveals one's personality or attiude
  21. Artifact
    [N] An object produced by human work, esp. one of historical or archaeological interest
  22. Placebo
    [N] A substance, often presented as a medicine, that has an effect because of a patient's expectation rather than because of an active ingredient
  23. Prosaic
    [Adj] Straightforward; lacking in imagination
  24. Tantamount
    [Adj] Equivalent in effect or value
  25. Caste
    [N] A rigid and hereditary social class
  26. Pummel
    [V] To beat, as with the fists
  27. Egregious
    [Adj] Outstanding for undesirable qualities; remarkably bad
  28. Sinecure
    [N] A paid position that requires little or no work
  29. Flamboyant
    [Adj] Extravagant; showy
  30. Balmy
    [Adj] Soothing, mild, pleasant
  31. Leaven
    [V] To add yeast; to fill (something) with a substance that changes it or makes it lighter
  32. Exonerate
    [V] To find blameless
  33. Puerile
    [Adj] Childish; foolishly immature
  34. Censure
    [V] To criticize severely
  35. Machination
    [N] An artful or secret plot or scheme
  36. Court
    [V] To attempt to gain, esp. love or favor; to behave so as to invite
  37. Supplant
    [V] To take the place of
  38. Polyglot
    • [N] One who speaks many languages
    • [Adj] Speaking many languages
  39. Vicarious
    [Adj] Felt as if one were taking part in the experiences of another
  40. Capricious
    [Adj] Erratic; tending to change abruptly
  41. Urban
    [Adj] Relating to a city
  42. Vociferous
    [Adj] Loud and vehement
  43. Effusive
    [Adj] Overflowing; excessively emotional
  44. Inscribe
    [V] To write, carve or engrave words or letters on or in a surface
  45. Forthcoming
    [Adj] About to appear; available when needed; communicative
  46. Inordinate
    [Adj] Excessive, unrestrained
  47. Amble
    [V] To walk slowly or leisurely
  48. Covenant
    [N] A binding agreement
  49. Pellucid
    [Adj] Transparently clear
  50. Latitude
    [N] Freedom from normal limitations; room for movement or action
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