Elite SAT Vocab 1151 - 1200

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  1. Discrepancy
    [N] Lack of agreement; difference
  2. Viable
    [Adj] Able to live; capable of success
  3. Insipid
    [Adj] Uninteresting; having no flavor
  4. Paternal
    [Adj] Relating to or characteristic of a father
  5. Cabal
    [N] A small group of secret plotters, i.e., against a government or authority
  6. Indigenous
    [Adj] Native, occurring naturally
  7. Repudiate
    [V] To reject as invalid or untrue
  8. Decisive
    [Adj] Conclusive; beyond doubt; showing determination
  9. Behoove
    [V] To be necessary or proper for
  10. Deleterious
    [Adj] Harmful; destructive
  11. Radical
    [Adj] Favoring fundamental or extreme change; relating to roots or orgins
  12. Lurid
    [Adj] Causing shock or horror; tastelessly vivid; glowing like fire through a haze
  13. Inexorable
    [Adj] Impossible to stop or resist; incapable of being persuaded; unyielding; unalterable
  14. Broach
    [V] To raise for discussion
  15. Improvident
    [Adj] Not preparing for the future; incautious
  16. Profound
    [Adj] Very deep; penetrating beyond the superficial
  17. Vacillate
    [V] To swing back and forth
  18. Promulgate
    [V] To make known by official announcement
  19. Construe
    [V] To interpret
  20. Ilk
    [N] Kind; sort; class
  21. Dissent
    [V] To disagree
  22. Expatriate
    • [V] To send into exile
    • [N] One who has moved to a foreign country
  23. Emollient
    • [Adj] Having a softening, soothing effect
    • [N] An agent that softens, esp. the skin
  24. Doctrine
    [N] A set of principles (religious, political, etc.); a rule of law, esp. as established by precedent
  25. Preclude
    [V] To make impossible; to prevent the occurrence of
  26. Expunge
    [V] To erase; to eliminate completely
  27. Fluent
    [Adj] Easy; graceful
  28. Abet
    [V] To encourage, assist, or support, usually in wrongdoing
  29. Comprehensive
    [Adj] Complete; covering broadly and all-inclusively
  30. Protocol
    [N] The customs and regulations dealing with formal behavior; the plan for carrying out a scientific study
  31. Replicate
    [V] To copy, reproduce, or repeat
  32. Gender
    [N] Sexual identity, es. in relation to society or culture
  33. Ambiance
    [N] Environment
  34. Adverse
    [Adj] Opposed, difficult
  35. Adumbrate
    [V] To give a sketchy outline; to foreshadow
  36. Enumerate
    [V] To count off or list
  37. Matriarchy
    [N] A society where the mother is the head of the family and descent is traced through the mother's side of the family
  38. Doctrinaire
    [Adj] Inflexibly maintaining an idea without regard to practically
  39. Feastible
    [Adj] Capable of being done
  40. Venerable
    [Adj] Worthy of honor and respect by reason of dignity, age, etc.
  41. Connote
    [V] To imply something beyond a literal meaning
  42. Forge
    [V] To give form or shape to; to advance gradually
  43. Veer
    [V] To change direction
  44. Posit
    [V] To assume as a fact or principle
  45. Paradigm
    [N] An example; a model
  46. Enmity
    [N] The bitter attitude or feelings of an enemy or of mutual enemies
  47. Flaunt
    [V] To display ostentatiously; to show off; to boast
  48. Empathy
    [N] Ability to understand and identify with another's feelings and emotions
  49. Adduce
    [V] To show as an example or means of proving something
  50. Halcyon
    [Adj] Calm; peaceful
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