physics exam 2

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  1. what are some characteristics of potential on capacitor plates?
    all points have same electric potential. They are equipotential surfaces.
  2. q and C
  3. what does capacitance depend on?
    geometry of the plates not charge or potential differences
  4. for plates in parallel what is the potential difference
  5. parallel plates and capacitance
    add them up
  6. series
    capacitance is 1/Ceq=1/C1...
  7. what happens to charge when dielectrics inserted when it is attached to batterY? without battery?
    • increase by kappa
    • without battery, charge remains constant, while potential difference decrease by kappa
  8. what does work on charge carriers and maintain a potential difference between their terminals?
    battery, emf devices
  9. what is the direction of emf
    from neg terminal to positive
  10. what is the work per unit charge the the device does in moving charge from low potential to high potential terminal
    emf device
  11. to move through resistance in direction of current, what is the change in potential
    -iR; +iR for opposite direction
  12. to move through ideal emf device in direction of emf arrow
    change is +E
  13. what is the potential on capacitor plates?
    they are all euipotential, same potential
  14. what is capacitance a measure of?
    how much charge must be put not he plates to produce a certain potential difference between them
  15. how are electrons driven through the wires?
    by an electric field set up by the battery
  16. what is a resistor
    a conductor with a specified resistance
  17. ohm's law
    when the resistance of the device is independent of the magnitude and polarity of the applied potential difference
  18. emf devices
    do work on charge carriers and thus maintain a potential difference between their terminals
  19. emf of an emf device
    is the work per unit charge that the device does in moving charge from its low potential terminal to its high potential terminal.
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