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  1. An overcurrent protective device of adequate short-circuit rating that will open simultaneously all ungrounded conductors when it operates shall be applied in the grounding autotransformer branch circuit and shall be rated or set at a current not exceeding 125 percent of the autotransformer continuous per-phase current rating or ___ percent of the continuous-current rating of any series connected devices in the autotransformer neutral connection.
  2. A single yoke will supply certain types of load. What shall be the maximum total volt-ampere rating of the load for that purpose?
    90 VA
  3. If a 8.0 mm2 bare aluminum conductor can safely handle 98 A, then how much current can a 8.0 mm2 covered copper conductor can safely handle?
    103 A
  4. Type MV Cable is a single or multiconductor solid dielectric insulated cable rated ____ or higher.
    2001 V
  5. Type MV cable are permitted for use on power system rated up to __.
    35 kV
  6. What is the MINIMUM size underground service lateral for a copper-clad aluminum single-branch circuit serving a controlled water heater?
    8.0 mm2
  7. Coatings on which of the ff shall be removed at threads, contact points, and contact surfaces or be connected by means of fittings so designed as to make such removal unnecessary in bonding other enclosures for grounding?

    a. Copper
    b. Zinc
    c. Aluminum
    d. Enamel
  8. What color must be used to identify an insulated 14 mmor smaller grounded conductor?
  9. What is the MAXIMUM allowable AWG size for a solid conductor installed in a raceway?
    8 AWG
  10. What is the MAXIMUM allowable electrical potential for low-voltage equipment in frequent contact with patient's bodies?
    6 volts
  11. Ceiling fans may be supported solely by outlet boxes that are identified for such use, as long as the fans do not exceed __ lbs. in total weight.
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