tests for compounds

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  1. What's the test for Halides?
    Alcoholic AgNO2 is positive if produces white precipitate

    • (primary=slow rate of reaction)
    • (secondary= moderate)
    • (tertiary=fast)
  2. Beilstein Flame test
    • (tests for Alkyle Halides) 
    • Copper wire in flame=CuII oxide Dipped in sample.

  3. Baeyer's test
    Test for Unsaturation. Purple to brown when positive. No change for negative.
  4. Tollen's silver mirror test
    -tests for Aldehydes.

    Ag+ oxidizes aldehydes in NH3.

    -Appears as a mirror if aldehydes not keytones are present.
  5. Lucas test
    -Tests for 1, 2, 3 degree bond on alcohol Carbon. 

    -ZnCl2 added to HCl rate to turn turbin shows degree. 

    -3 degree fastest, 1 degree slowest.
  6. Fehling and Benedict test
    Cu tests for aldehydes. Blue to green/yellow or brick red is present.
  7. 2,4-dinitrophenyhydrazine test
    Aldehydes or ketones react with it to form yellow, orange crystalline precipitate.
  8. Bromine test
    tests for unsaturation, and will go red to clear if positive
  9. brun sample test
    tests for aromatic compounds and will produce a sooty flame if positive (present).
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