Humanities Final

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  1. Mozart
    • -Already had the music in his mind
    • -No corrections
    • -Wrote his first symphony when he was 8
    • -150 things by the time he was 17
    • -Died at 36
    • -Sonata Form
    • -Classical
  2. Beethoven
    • -Hearing loss
    • -Ode to Joy he made when he was completely deaf
    • -Not quite classical
    • -Sonata Form
    • -Classical
  3. Hayden
    • -Wrote over 100 symphonies 
    • -String quartets
    • -Classical
  4. What system of measurement came from the French Revolution?
    -The Metric System
  5. What was King Louis XIV's role in the French Revolution and what happened to him as a result?
    • -Tried to fix the overspending done by his ancestors
    • -A national assembly came about called "The Oath of the Tennis Courts" which decided to make a new government 
    • -He lots the throne
  6. Issac Newton
    • Gravity and calculus
    • -classical
  7. Rene Decartes
    • Four truths
    • -clasical
  8. John Locke
    • Declaration of the rights of man
    • -classical
  9. The Glorious Revolution
    A king was fired, but not beheaded
  10. What happened in 1215?
    -The Parliament gets even more power and the House of Commons was set up
  11. Social Contract Theory
    Protection on one side and freedom on the other
  12. Who is Napoleon?
    • Became emperor of France because they didn't want a king and wanted to bring back Greek and Roman terms
    • -Classical
  13. Who is Houdem?
    A famous Neoclassical sculpture
  14. What happens in classical music?
    • -Piano replaces the harpsichord and organ 
    • -Sonata form, theme and variations, minuet, trio, rondo
  15. What is really important in neoclassical music?
  16. What is the difference between classicism and romanticism?
    Classicism brought back the old ways of Greek and Roman thinking while romanticism is about deeply felt emotion
  17. James Watt
    • -Used a rotary system to make finding foal more efficient
    • -You no longer had to mine near rivers
    • -Romanticism
  18. Richard Trevithick
    • Created the train
    • -Romanticism
  19. What was romanticism all about?
    • -Supernatural
    • -Nationalism
    • -Nostalgia
    • -Nature
    • -Love
    • -Exotic/interest in ole eras
  20. How did authors implement supernatural in the romantic era?
    • -Charles Dickson "A Christmas Carol"
    • -Victor Hugo "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
    • -Bram Stoke "Dracula"
    • -Mary Shelley "Frankenstein"
    • -Brother Grimm tales
  21. What type of music did the romantic era like?
  22. Schubert
    • -Young composer
    • -Art song
    • -600 songs
  23. Mendelssohn
    • -Wedding March
    • -nostalgia craze
  24. Who is playing/singing in Art Song and what is it like?
    • -Solo singer or solo piano
    • -Strophic (repeating like hymns) or through-composed
    • -They are like poems set to music
  25. Who were in the Paris Connection?
    • -Chopin
    • -Berlioz
    • -Paganini
    • -Liszt
    • -Tchaikovsky
    • -Wagner
    • -Romanticism
  26. Chopin
    • -Piano
    • -"George Sand"
    • -Poland
    • -Wanted to be buried in France his heart cut out and buried in Poland
  27. Berlioz
    • -Couldn't play instrument
    • -Symphonie Fantastiqu
    • -he writes this girl love letters and she doesn't respond and that's how he wrote that sympthony
  28. Paganini
    • -Violinist
    • -Showmanship
    • -Would cut his strings and transpose on the spot
  29. Liszt
    • -Expert pianist
    • -Concert performance
    • -Rock star
    • -Women would faint
  30. Tchaikovsky
    • -Adult prodigy
    • -The Nutcracker
    • -His own worst critic
    • -1812 Overture
  31. Wagner
    • -Music drama (opera)
    • -Father of film music
    • -Cartoon music
  32. What was the result of the Franco-Prussian War?
    -France was now focused on culture
  33. What was realism all about?
    • -It looks real
    • -Heroic Peasant
  34. Who were two artists during the impressionist era?
    • -Honore Daumier
    • -Thomas Eakins
  35. How did the camera change art?
    • -Impressionism came about to try to compete with the camera
    • -No longer trying to look real, but doing something a camera can't do
    • -They break up lines and light now
    • -Don't focus on detail
  36. Claude Monay
    • -Tried to paint really fast to get broken lines and light effect (gets done in one sitting)
    • -Expert at showing the color of water
    • -Impression Sunrise
  37. Camille Pissarro
    • -Impressionist painter
    • -Ordinary things and not as heroic
  38. Renoir
    • -Loved painting people
    • -Can make fantastic color skin tone
    • -No longer doll and plump people
    • -The Loge
    • -Didn't follow normal rules of painting (triangular in center ect.)
    • -Shows ordinary life
    • -Has distracting backgrounds
    • -Famous for "Cakemill" or Le Moulin de la Galette painting
  39. Cassatt
    • -An American who moved to Paris
    • -One of the few famous women painters
    • -"The Bath"
  40. Edgar Degas
    • -Painted ballet
    • -He was blind
    • -Started to use pastel because it dried slower since he was blind
    • -Impressionism
  41. What was a popular medium in the impressionist era?
  42. Auguste Rodin
    • -Asked to create a big set of doors called "Gate of hell" based off of Gherberti's "Gates of Paradise"
    • -Created "The Thinker" based from his door work
    • -Not as detailed
    • -Impressionist
  43. Claude Debussy
    • -Whole Tone Scale
    • -Clair de Lune
    • -Suggestion, not a declaration
    • -No defined theme 
    • -"Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun"
    • -No pulsing rhythm, more flowy
  44. August Bartholdi
    • -Statue of Liberty
    • -Sent over in pieces
    • -Prefabrication (making something somewhere else and bringing it to a new place)
    • -Two pennies thick
    • -Asked Gustave Eiffel for help
    • -Modernist
  45. Gustave Eiffel
    • -Engineer
    • -Made bridges
    • -Created Eiffel Tower
    • -Moderist
  46. Vincent van Gogh
    • -Moderist
    • -Impast means to apply a lot of paint which he did
  47. What is expressionism?
    • -Distortion of reality
    • -Munch created "The Scream"
    • -Not to be photo realism
    • -Brings about emotion
  48. What came about due to World War I?
    • -Picasso used cubism
    • -Shapes opened up 
    • -Picasso was a child prodigy
  49. Modernism in music
    • -Dissonance, atonality
    • -Rhythmic complexity, bitonality
    • -Non western influences
    • -Primitive :old is new
    • -Trying to abandon meter and scale
  50. Segei Prokofiev
    -Modern composer wrote a version of Romeo and Juliet
  51. Igor Stavinsky
    • -Modern composer
    • -Rite of Spring
    • -Contacted by Serge Diaghilev
  52. Serge Diaghilev
    Modern director
  53. Valsav Nijinksky
    Modern choreographer
  54. Modern dancers
    • -Isadora Duncan
    • -Martha Graham
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