Chapter 213

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  1. Once a missing persons report is generated, the information shall be transmitted to NCIC/FCIC within?
    Two (2) hours
  2. A person of any age who is missing under circumstances indicating that his/her physical safety is in danger?
  3. Missing under circumstances indicating that the
    disappearance was not voluntary is?
  4. What unit will attempt to recover dental records in all cases where the subject has been missing in excess of 30 days?
    Special Victim's Unit
  5. Dental records information into what database?
    Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS).
  6. MISSING CHILD  age ranges are?
    Age 11 or younger
  7. MISSING JUVENILE age ranges are?
    Age 12 through 17
  8. Age 18 or Older is considered?
  9. When the Department receives a complaint of a missing child, the Patrol Division will
    • Respond to the scene to determine the validity of the complaint  and
    • To protect any possible crime scene
  10. When the missing child is 11 years of age or younger, who must respond to the scene
    • The patrol supervisor and
    • Detective
  11. If no detective is available to respond to a missing who should respond
    A Lieutenant
  12. What must be considered during Stage One of a missing child?
    The possibility of foul play, past history, time of day and nearby hazards
  13. During Stage one, the Patrol supervisor has the
    responsibility to?
    Coordinate the Patrol response to the missing child report.
  14. The detective has the responsibility to?

    Coordinate the Investigative Services response
  15. The Lieutenant has the responsibility to?
    Coordinate the Department’s response
  16. With parental permission, the supervisor and detective should?
    Inspect the child’s residence
  17. During Stage One, the first responding officer shall:
    • Broadcast an initial description BOLO
    • Telephone the Communications Center FCIC/NCIC
  18. If a child is not recovered within how long,
    will Stage Two commence?
    Three hours
  19. Who should evaluate the likelihood of harm 
    and determine whether to allow the time frame to extend to 3 hours?
    • Patrol Supervisor
    • The Lieutenant
    • Detective
  20. STAGE ONE will not be extended beyond how
    many hours
    Three (3)
  21. Who will be notified during STAGE TWO
    • The Special Victim’s Unit supervisor 
    • The Criminal Investigations Division
    • The Public Information Officer
  22. What's the responsibility of Special Victims during Stage Two?
    Coordinating the investigative effort at that time.
  23. Who is responsible for conducting an investigation to recover the child?
    The Criminal Investigations Division
  24. The Public Information Officer will?
    Coordinate efforts to make the public aware of the missing child, provide a photo
  25. True or False, The missing juvenile may be handled as a missing child.
  26. The officer/PSA will contact the Communications Center to enter a missing persons/juvenile BOLO into NCIC/FCIC within how many hours?
    Two (2) hours of handling the call for service.
  27. If there is no evidence of harm or foul play, the reporter of a missing adult will?
    come to the Police Department in person to file a missing persons report
  28. To activate AMBER ALERT the following four criteria must be met
    • The child must be under 18 years of age
    • The child must be in danger of serious bodily harm or death
    • There must be enough descriptive information to believe a broadcast will be helpful
    • The activation must be recommended by the local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction
  29. AMBER ALERT is not to be used for runaways or family abductions unless?
    • Investigation determines the child’s life is in
    • immediate danger.
  30. How do you initiate an AMBER ALERT?
    Call the FDLE Missing Children Information Clearinghouse (24 hrs/7 days a week) with the required descriptive information
  31. The SILVER ALERT is designed to broadcast critical information of what type of person?

    Cognitively impaired persons believed to be lost
  32. Silver Alert is is broadcast using what system?
    • The Emergency Alert System (EAS) via
    • commercial radio, television, road signs, etc
  33. To activate a SILVER ALERT the following criteria must be met
    • The missing person is thought to be driving a vehicle 
    • The missing person is 60 years old or older, and there is a clear indication that the individual has an irreversible deterioration of
    • intellectual faculties (i.e., Alzheimer’s disease, dementia
    • The missing person is 18 to 59 years of age, and has irreversible deterioration of intellectual faculties.
    • Use of dynamic message signs may be the only way to locate the missing person 
    • The activation must be recommended by the local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction after verifying that the missing person suffers from irreversible deterioration of intellectual faculties
  34. How to initiate a SILVER ALERT?

    Contact FDLE
  35. The Criminal Investigations Division’s Special Victim’s Unit shall attempt to obtain a biological specimen for DNA analysis within how many days of a person being reported missing
    90 days
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