Chapter 113

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  1. Primary objective of the ECD is to
    minimize injury to both the officer(s) and subject(s).
  2. What are the exceptions to an arrest situation?
    Suspect who is exhibiting behavior which would fall under the Baker Act Statute.
  3. Prior to deployment of the ECD, officers must take into consideration what environmental factors which may contribute to serious injury
    subjects standing on or near the edge of a roof stairwells, next to a window or body of water
  4. Officers are required to successfully complete how many hours of training taught by a certified ECD trainer?
    8 hours
  5. The Training Unit Sergeant or his designee shall act as the ECD Program Coordinator(s) and is responsible for
    • recertification
    • repair of damaged or malfunctioning ECD’s,
  6. Police Supply will be the issuing authority for how many cartridges?
    The ECD, two (2) 25-foot air cartridges, and holster
  7. A supervisor shall respond to all scenes of an ECD deployment and ensure that?
    • photographs are taken of the probe penetration sites
    • any secondary injuries
  8. An ECD narrative is not necessary if?
    The use of the ECD was justified per policy, and there were no unusual or noteworthy circumstances
  9. The reviewing supervisor must detail the discrepancy in the narrative if?
    the downloaded time of deployment is inconsistent with the actual discharge time
  10. Supervisors will forward the completed package to the Office of Internal Affairs, via chain of command within how many days?
    five (5) working days from receipt of all necessary documentation
  11. Remedial training and discipline may result for a second or subsequent accidental discharge(s) within what time period
    within a 12 month period
  12. A ECD Use Review Report Package will consist of?
    • An Offense Incident Report
    • ECD Review Report
    • Photographs
    • Medical Reports (if available)
    • and all related reports to the incident
  13. Evidence will retain the cartridge, chads and ECD download page for a period of how many days if no criminal charges, administrative
    investigation or accidental discharge
    90 days
  14. Authorized defense sprays for officers and PSA are?
    • Punch II - OC = 5%
    • Freeze Plus= 1% CS and .25% OC Blend
    • Freeze Plus P,  mist or stream dispersal system units=
    • 1% CS and 1% OC Blend
  15. All products are manufactured by who?
  16. Officers are authorized to carry which batons:
    • Monadnock Expandable Baton, Model SX-24
    • Monadnock Expandable Baton-Mini, Model MX 18P
    • Monadnock Expandable Autolock 
    • Friction Lock Batons
    • ASP Expandable LeverLoc
  17. Authorized batons should be what length?
    16 to 26 INCHES
  18. When is the chemical weapons inventory done and turned into command
    Annually in April by SWAT personal
  19. Regardless if the unintentional discharge occurs while on or off-duty, what shall supervisor do
    Respond to scene to ensure a complete ECD investigation is completed and a Supervisor/Employee Interview form will also be issued.
  20. Any use of chemical agents by Patrol personnel must be authorized by
    Patrol Lieutenant AND must be deployed by a supervisor or an officer directly under the command of a supervisor
  21. Non-lethal extended range kinetic energy impact devices used
    • Flexible baton-12 gauge
    • Non-flexible-37 mm
    • FN-303
  22. Who is authorized to use the Flexible Baton-12 gauge because there is the potential to fire shotgun ammunition
    • SWAT personnel at the direction of SWAT SGT
    • only after an inspection of an unloaded weapon
    • verification by a second officer of less-lethal munitions being loaded
  23. The standard 12-gauge cartridge contains
    a 2-inch square fabric bag filled with approximately 42 grams of lead shot.
  24. How many feet per second does the 12-gauge exit the barrel
    at 280 feet per second (fps) and delivers approximately 120 ft/lbs. of kinetic energy.
  25. FN manufacturer states target zones should be
    • 3’-12’ the shooter should target the thighs
    • 12’ and greater the shooter should target the torso and the extremities
  26. A minimal standard of accuracy for such rounds is
    • 12-inch group at 15 yards for the 12 gauge system
    • 12-inch group at 25 yards for the 37 mm system
  27. Extended Range Kinetic energy impact projectiles will be evaluated on the following criteria
    • Accuracy
    • Effectiveness
    • Potential for causing death or serious physical injury
  28. The authorized round for FN-303 round is
    A .68” 8.5g weight forward, paint ball like projectile.
  29. The FN-303 projectile travels at a muzzle velocity of
    280-300 fps, and its maximum effective range is 100 meters.
  30. FN 303 Projectile colors:
    • Orange- OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)
    • Pink-  Washable Marking
    • Clear- Training
    • Yellow- Permanent markings
  31. Shooters utilizing a non-lethal weapon should not aim
    • Head
    • Groin
    • Throat
    • Face
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