Chapter 104.1

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  1. Majors and Assistant Chiefs will not be permitted to work off-duty police details
    unless approved by
    The Chief or Acting Chief of Police
  2. How long is the process for all approved detail request forms
    This process usually takes five days
  3. Details that become available as the result of an emergency situation, with less than ____ days advance notification require the immediate verbal approval of a supervisor.
    three days, the employee must then submit the detail request form on the next duty day
  4. Any off-duty detail employment having a duration of how many hours will require the approval of the Chief or Acting Chief of Police.
    more than ten (10) consecutive hours
  5. Employees shall be limited to work a total of how many hours per day and week?
    20 hours per day not to exceed 80 hours per week.
  6. The following off duty details will not be approved or permitted for sworn or non-sworn employees:
    • The towing of vehicles
    • Taxi cab company
    • Process server
    • Private Bodyguard
    • Private investigator
    • Bill collector
  7. Any off-duty detail or special event requiring how many officers must include supervisor/manager
    Five or more officers
  8. All off-duty details reviewed by the special events team will require?
    10 or more employees (i.e., races, boat show), will require only one detail form completed by the detail coordinator.
  9. Approval for working details may be withdrawn by the immediate supervisor or higher ranking officer of any employee
    falls below satisfactory in any one performance rating category, or for disciplinary reasons
  10. The hourly compensation rate for detail can not be below the current step of?
    “E” of the patrol officer’s pay scale
  11. Who is responsible for ordering back-round checks on details that serve alcohol?
    Patrol Lieutenant or unit Captain
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