Chapter 118

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  1. Method of performing an operation or a manner of proceeding on a course of action is?
  2. A definite course or method of action to guide and determine present and future decision is?
  3. Policy is based upon what desires of the community, and the mandates of the law?
    police ethics and experience
  4. What is "supervisory/employee interview form?
    To inform an employee that desirable/undesirable conduct or performance has been noted.
  5. What is the objective of the interview form?
    Improve performance or attitude on the part of the employee
  6. Supervisory/employee interview form shall not be considered?
    a form of discipline
  7. What is a letter of reprimand
    A formal written notice to the employee of an account of conduct which is not in keeping with the rules, orders, or directives.
  8. A suspension,  demotion, or dismissal request must be made in writing within five (5) days to whom?
    To the City Manager
  9. What violation is Failure to be present for duty as scheduled.
    Attendance for Duty
  10. What is doing or committing any act which delays return to duty or Feigning or exaggerating sickness or injury.
  11. What violation is Failure to promptly respond to a dispatch or radio call
    Neglect of duty
  12. What prohibited action is Acceptance of a bribe
    Corrupt practices
  13. What prohibited action is Communicating or giving police information to another which may hinder an investigation?
    Breach of confidence
  14. What level of command is empowered for written reprimands, suspensions, demotions and dismissals.
    • Assistant Chiefs
    • Majors, Captains
    • Lieutenants
    • Civilian Managers
  15. An employee may be relieved from duty or with pay or reassigned to limited duty by a sergeant for what reason?
    • fitness for duty issues
    • emotional distress
  16. Who should be notified if they have been the suspect/subject of any police action/investigation while off duty
    Duty Lt. when practicial
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