Chapter 200

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  1. A sheet of paper the same size as the photos used in the photo lineup with no photo showing?
    Blank Photo
  2. What photos are utilized when an independent administrator conducts line up?
    Blank photo
  3. What are Filler Photos
    Photographs of persons other than the suspect
  4. What is Sequential photographic lineup in a manner that precludes him or her from knowing when the suspect is presented to the witness.
    Functional Equivalent Procedures
  5. Who is not utilized during Functional Equivalent Procedure?
    Independent Administrator
  6. Which investigator administers a line-up or photo array who has no knowledge of the suspect’s identity
    Independent Administrator or Blind
  7. What is Sequential Line-Up
    Presentation of photos in a lineup to a victim/witness one at a time rather than all at once (simultaneously).
  8. Prior to the show-up, what must the officer determine?
    Determine whether the victim/witness is capable of making an identification
  9. Who is the investigator that is not involved in the investigation or one who has no knowledge of the identity of the suspect(s) must be used to administer the lineup?
    Independent Administrator (Blind Administrator)
  10. How many photos should be included in a Photographic array ?
    Six photographs
  11. True or False, The victim/witness should not know in advance how many photographs will be shown during the procedure
  12. All photographs are to be shown to the victim/witness, even if the victim/witness
    makes an identification.
  13. What should occur when conducting Administrator (Not Independent) photo line ups?
    Place the suspect and filler photos in individual folders

    Include two blank photos (paper) in folders for a minimum of eight (8) folder
  14. How many photo array packets does an administrator (NOT Independent) investigator have?
    Eight (8)
  15. All live line-ups must conform to what requirement?
    specific legal requirements.
  16. What must be obtained before conducting a Live line-up?
    a court order authorizing the line-up process.
  17. Who prepares a court order directing the accused to appear in a live line-up.
    The Assistant State Attorney
  18. How many copies are obtained for a live line up court order?
  19. Who obtains the true copies of a live line up after court authorization has been permitted?
    • Case file
    • BSO
    • Defense attorney
  20. How often does a refresher training on proper eyewitness identification procedures occur?
    once every three (3) years.
  21. According the policy, what must be obtained be taking a witness to conduct a show up
    Sergeants approval
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