What I'm good at - Strengths

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What I'm good at - Strengths
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What I'm good at - Strengths
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  1. 1. What does DC-CAT5TR stand for?

    2. What is my daily work checklist?
    • 1.
    • Drafts
    • Calendar
    • Cards
    • Alarms
    • TDL (Timer) -Yesterday's
    • Top 5
    • Timer
    • Return Emails and Phone Calls

    2. Checklist

    • -Do top 5 at the end
    • -Print off one item (notes from this day last week) and red pen it - 15 mins (look at calendar for event - red pen events coming up first)
    • -Day study - use random number generator to go through TDL (randomize year, month and day)
    • -Do flashcards 5 mins a day
    • - 1tdl1 search - look at 10 items - pick one to add to top 5
    • -Look at 2 week emails for 5 mins
  2. What is a great way to get important things done by the end of the day or in prep for the next day?
    1. Set alarm for 2pm - this is the time where I need to develop a sense of urgency of what should be done for the day

    2. Throughout day, put together an email with the subject line doneby2pm - This way, I'll have it all cued up and by 2pm, I can focus on all of the things that need to get done.
  3. What is my full listing of character

    strengths from viacharacter.org?
    • 1. Love
    • 2. Spirituality
    • 3. Gratitude
    • 4. Humor
    • 5. Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence
    • 6. Fairness
    • 7. Kindness
    • 8. Love of Learning
    • 9. Social Intelligence
    • 10. Curiosity
    • 11. Judgment
    • 12. Teamwork
    • 13. Creativity
    • 14. Perspective
    • 15. Zest
    • 16. Honesty
    • 17. Leadership
    • 18. Forgiveness
    • 19. Humility
    • 20. Self-regulation
    • 21. Hope
    • 22. Perserverance
    • 23. Bravery
    • 24. Prudence

    • Date: 10/8/15
    • Source:
    • Card decK:
  4. What are my top 5 character strengths?
    • 1. Love
    • 2. Spirituality
    • 3. Gratitude
    • 4. Humor
    • 5. Fairness

    • Date: 10/8/15
    • Source:
    • Card decK: Week 42 - Week 43
  5. What are my top 5 strengths?
    • Learner
    • Connectedness
    • Developer
    • Empathy
    • Input
  6. 1. People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to do what 2 things?

    2. What excites them rather than the outcome?
    1. a. learn b. continuously improve

    2. the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.

    People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.

    Source: My strengthsfinder results
  7. The "ideas for action" for Learning that I find most interesting
    1. Seek roles that require some form of technical competence. You will enjoy the process of acquiring and maintaining this expertise.

    2. Research supports the link between learning and performance. When people have the opportunity to learn and grow, they are more productive and loyal. Look for ways to measure the degree to which you and others feel that your learning needs are being met, to create individualized learning milestones, and to reward achievements in learning.

    3. Honor your desire to learn. Take advantage of adult educational opportunities in your community. Discipline yourself to sign up for at least one new academic or adult learning course each year.

    4. Time disappears and your attention intensifies when you are immersed in studying or learning. Allow yourself to “follow the trail” by scheduling learning sessions during periods of time that will not be interrupted by pressing engagements.
  8. 1. People strong in Connectedness have faith in what?

    2. We believe there are few what?

    3. Almost every event has a what?
    1. Faith in the links between all things

    2. Coincidences

    3. Reason
  9. The "ideas for action" for Connectedness that I find most interesting

    Partner with someone with strong Communication talents. This person can help you with the words you need to describe vivid examples of connection in the real world.

    Don’t spend too much time attempting to persuade others to see the world as a linked web. Be aware that your sense of connection is intuitive. If others don’t share your intuition, rational argument will not persuade them.

    Your philosophy of life compels you to move beyond your own self-interests and the interests of your immediate constituency and sphere of influence. As such, you see the broader implications for your community and the world. Explore ways to communicate these insights to others.

    Seek out global or cross-cultural responsibilities that capitalize on your understanding of the commonalities inherent in humanity. Build universal capability, and change the mindset of those who think in terms of “us” and “them.”

    Connectedness talents can help you look past the outer shell of a person to embrace his or her humanity. Be particularly aware of this when you work with someone whose background is very different from yours. You can naturally look past the labels and focus on his or her essential needs.
  10. The "ideas for action" for Developer that I find most interesing
    Make a list of the people you have helped learn and grow. Look at the list often, and remind yourself of the effect you have had on the world.

    Seek roles in which your primary responsibilities include facilitating growth. Teaching, coaching, or managing roles might prove especially satisfying for you.

    • Notice when others succeed, and tell them. Be specific about what you saw. Your
    • detailed observations of what led to their victory will enhance their growth.

    Identify the mentor or mentors who recognized something special inside you. Take the time to thank them for helping you develop, even if this means tracking down a former schoolteacher and sending him or her a letter.

    Partner with someone with strong Individualization talents. This person can help you see where each person’s greatest talents lie. Without this help, your Developer instincts might lead you to encourage people to grow in areas in which they lack real talent.
  11. The "ideas for action" for Empathy that I find most interesting
    • Sensitive to the feelings of others, you readily gauge the emotional tone of a room. Use your talents to forge a bridge of understanding and mutual support.
    • Your empathy will be especially important during trying times because it will demonstrate your concern, thereby building loyalty.

    Witnessing the happiness of others brings you pleasure. Consequently, you are likely to be attuned to opportunities to underscore others’ successes and positively reinforce their achievements. At each opportunity, deliver a kind word of appreciation or recognition. In doing so, you are likely to make a profound and engaging impression.

    Because you are observant of how others are feeling, you are likely to intuit what is about to happen before it becomes common knowledge. Although your intuitions may at times seem nothing more than ‘hunches’, take conscious note of them. They may turn out to be valuable assets.
  12. The "ideas for action" for Input that I find most interesting:
    Look for jobs in which you are charged with acquiring new information each day, such as teaching, research, or journalism.

    Devise a system to store and easily locate information. This can be as simple as a file for all the articles you have clipped or as sophisticated as a computer database.

    Partner with someone with dominant Focus or Discipline talents. This person will help you stay on track when your inquisitiveness leads you down intriguing but distracting avenues.
  13. 1. People with input have a what?

    2. Input people like to collect and archive what?
    1. Craving to know more

    2. All kinds of information.
  14. 2. What do I enjoy doing and feel I am good at
    a. Anything that doesn’t require heavy use of working memory
    b. Teaching and having fun with kids – K – 8th grade
    c. Tutoring and mentoring
    d. Running events for families – introducing speakers
    e. Reading spiritual texts – Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Tao te Ching, Books on Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Thomas Merton, Thich Nhat Hanh,
    f. Writing about spiritual and political insights
    g. Writing satire and funny pieces
    h. Networking – With the purpose of connecting people –
    i. Helping others finding vocations they are good at
    i. Use of MBTI and Strengthsfinder
    ii. Assessment and providing information
    iii. Not directing others but informing others
    j. Mediating conflict
    k. Facilitating discussions (ADHD group, I Rise parents)
    l. Singing
    m. Improv
    n. Listening to talks and meetings while taking notes and publishing notes
    o. Interviewing people – asking critical questions – I feel I could do what Krista Tippett and Terry Gross do well
    p. Volunteer coordinating for conferences
    q. Working with a team – I actually enjoyed working in a group that involved shared responsibilities.
    i. I don’t avoid responsibility. I believe strongly in stepping up and ALL individuals in a society to make contributions to society. I just fear “dropping the ball” when I have sole responsibility for a lot of things because I have a long history of doing that when I don’t have frequent check-ins. When there are periods where my work load is huge and someone else’s is low, I’ll need help from them. When my work load is low and someone elses is huge, I want to be able to help them. I work well in those types of environments
    • Date: 11/2/15
    • Card deck:
  15. When is the last time you looked at ADD cards?
  16. When did you speak to Kevin Roberts?
    On 11/9/15 and I took great notes. He had aweosme things to say

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