Elite SAT Vocab 1301-1350

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  1. Mandarin
    [N] A high government official; a member of an elite group, esp. having high status in intellectual or cultural circles
  2. Prevalent
    [Adj] Dominant; widespread
  3. Mayhem
    [N] Deliberate injury of someone, esp. maiming; a state of violent chaos
  4. Obtrude
    [V] To push forward; to impose (oneself or ideas) on others
  5. Convey
    [V] To carry or transmit; to communicate
  6. Pervade
    [V] To spread through or be present throughout
  7. Forte
    [N] Something at which a person excels
  8. Mercenary
    [Adj] Greedy; motivated by desire for money
  9. Parsimony
    [N] Excessive care in spending; stinginess
  10. Pedantic
    [Adj] Putting unnecessary stress on minor or purely academic knowledge
  11. Precursor
    [N] Someone or something that comes before another and announces or suggests what is to come
  12. Sententious
    [Adj] Expressing much in few words; given to pompous moralizing
  13. Opaque
    [Adj] Not letting in light; unintelligible
  14. Passé
    [Adj] Old fashioned; out-of-style
  15. Manacles
    [N] Shackles; handcuffs
  16. Nonpareil
    [Adj] Having no equal
  17. Oust
    [V] To eject or expel
  18. Commence
    [V] To begin
  19. Mesmerize
    [V] To hypnotize or spellbind
  20. Menagerie
    [N] A collection of wild and strange animals kept in cages
  21. Pious
    [Adj] Exhibiting reverence and religious observation
  22. Venture
    [V] To take a risk; to dare; to dare to go
  23. Nascent
    [Adj] Coming into being; being born
  24. Docile
    [Adj] Easy to teach; submissive
  25. Millennium
    [N] A period of 1000 years
  26. Obliging
    [Adj] Ready to do favors; helpful; courteous
  27. Whimsical
    [Adj] Not able to be predicted; constantly changing
  28. Nomenclature
    [N] A specialized list of terms, words or names
  29. Redeem
    [V] To turn in and receive something in exchange; to make up for
  30. Pronounced
    [Adj] Strongly marked; clearly indicated
  31. Patent
    [Adj] Obvious; evident
  32. Venerate
    [V] To look upon with respect and honor
  33. Reprehensible
    [Adj] Deserving to be severely criticized
  34. Harrowing
    [Adj] Very distressing; painful
  35. Acoustics
    [N] Science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
  36. Collaborate
    [V] To work together, esp. at an intellectual effort
  37. Rectitude
    [N] Conduct according to moral principles
  38. Panacea
    [N] A cure-all or an all-purpose solution
  39. Squander
    [V] To spend wastefully
  40. Subservient
    [Adj] Subordinate in function; obsequious
  41. Capsize
    [V] To overturn
  42. Shiftless
    [Adj] Lazy; lacking ambition
  43. Raucous
    [Adj] Loud and harsh
  44. Assert
    [V] To state confidently
  45. Surmise
    • [V] To infer something by intuition or with slender evidence
    • [N] Such an inference
  46. Objective
    [Adj] Having actual existence or reality; not influenced by emotion or personal prejudice
  47. Tamper
    [V] To interfere, esp. in order to damage or weaken
  48. Eschew
    [V] To avoid; to shun
  49. Tractable
    [Adj] Easily managed or controlled
  50. Fortuitous
    [Adj] Occurring by change (either positive or negative)
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