Elite SAT Vocab 1351-1400

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  1. Notorious
    [Adj] Having a bad reputation
  2. Travesty
    [N] An imitation that makes a serious thing seem ridiculous
  3. Sycophant
    [N] One who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence
  4. Fertile
    [Adj] Producing abundantly; prolific
  5. Appease
    [V] To satisfy or attempt to satisfy demands by granting concessions
  6. Inept
    [Adj] Without skill; absurd or foolish
  7. Secrete
    [V] To put or keep in a hiding place; to conceal
  8. Entrepreneur
    [N] A person who start and manages a business
  9. Saunter
    [V] To walk in a leisurely manner
  10. Rapture
    [N] The experience of great joy; ecstasy
  11. Obscure
    [Adj] Lacking light; dim; dark
  12. Wheedle
    [V] To persuade or obtain through flattery or cunning
  13. Grandeur
    [N] Magnificence; splendor
  14. Reiterate
    [V] To repeat
  15. Prodigious
    [Adj] Wonderful; amazing; very big
  16. Alloy
    [N] A mixture, esp. of two or more metals
  17. Scoff
    [V] To make fun of; to ridicule
  18. Gaudy
    [Adj] Characterized by tasteless or showy colors
  19. Surreptitious
    [Adj] Done secretly, often of something unseemly or unethical
  20. Circumvent
    [V] To go around, bypass; to surround
  21. Metamorphosis
    [N] A transformation, as by magic; a marked change in appearance or function
  22. Malicious
    [Adj] Spiteful
  23. Symbiotic
    [Adj] Involving a close relationship of mutual dependence
  24. Stentorian
    [Adj] Extremely loud
  25. Propaganda
    [N] The propagation of a belief, a cause, or information reflecting the views and interest of those advocating the belief; material reflecting such a belief or cause
  26. Frolic
    [V] To behave playfully and without inhibition
  27. Quiver
    [V] To shake; to tremble from fear or cold
  28. Juxtapose
    [V] To put side by side esp. for comparison or contrast
  29. Zephyr
    [N] A gentle, soft breeze
  30. Bawdy
    [Adj] Indecent or humorously coarse; lewd
  31. Futile
    [Adj] Having no useful result
  32. Acronym
    [N] A word created by initials
  33. Agenda
    [N] A list of things to be done
  34. Vivacious
    [Adj] Full of animation
  35. Emissary
    [N] A person sent on a mission to represent another
  36. Surrogate
    [N] A substitute
  37. Vituperative
    [Adj] Harshly critical
  38. Regress
    [V] To return to a previous state
  39. Byzantine
    [Adj] Highly complicated or intricate; characterized by devious plotting
  40. Dogged
    [Adj] Refusing to give up despite difficulties
  41. Contentious
    [Adj] Always ready to argue; quarrelsome
  42. Abate
    [V] To lessen in amount, intensity or strength
  43. Festive
    [Adj] Very happy; celebrating
  44. Wily
    [Adj] Full of cunning
  45. Wizened
    [Adj] Wrinkled from aging
  46. Trenchant
    [Adj] Keen and forceful; caustic
  47. Agitate
    [V] To move violently; to disturb
  48. Aspersion
    [N] A remark that attacks one's reputation
  49. Conjure
    [V] To summon or influence by, or as if by, magic
  50. Unfledged
    [Adj] Not yet grown; immature; undeveloped
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