Elite SAT Vocab 1401-1450

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  1. Embellish
    [V] To decorate; to add ornamental or fictitious details to
  2. Convalece
    [V] To recover from illness; to recuperate
  3. Truckle
    [V] To submit in a subservient manner to a superior; to fawn
  4. Acerbic
    [Adj] Sharp in smell and taste; harsh in tone
  5. Avarice
    [N] Excessive desire for wealth
  6. Waver
    [V] To be uncertain of something; to sway
  7. Rationalize
    [V] To come up with self-satisfying but incorrect excuses
  8. Garner
    [V] To get or earn; to collect or gather
  9. Vindictive
    [Adj] Seeking revenge; marked by a desire to hurt
  10. Cantankerous
    [Adj] Bad-tampered quarrelsome
  11. Dissuade
    [V] To discourage from a course of action
  12. Troupe
    [N] A group of touring actors, singers or performers
  13. Careen
    [V] To lean to one side or swerve while in motion (of a vehicle)
  14. Imposing
    [Adj] Impressive by virtue of size, power, or manner
  15. Boisterous
    [Adj] Noisy and wild; unruly
  16. Ostensible
    [Adj] Outwardly appearing as such
  17. Abase
    [V] To lower in rank or prestige
  18. Immerse
    [V] To cover completely in a liquid; to engage wholly
  19. Tenet
    [N] A belief
  20. Revel
    [V] To delight, to enjoy (used with "in")
  21. Quirk
    [N] A rapid twist and turn; an individual mannerism
  22. Trove
    [N] A collection of valuable items
  23. Holistic
    [Adj] Dealing with something as a whole rather than by its individual parts
  24. Calamity
    [N] An event causing extreme trouble and misery
  25. Partisan
    [N] A strong, often militant, supporter
  26. Prototype
    [N] The original model; someone or something that serves to illustrate the typical qualities of a class
  27. Transcend
    [V] To exceed; to go beyond or above the limits
  28. Disarming
    [Adj] Reducing or preventing criticism with charm
  29. Vigilant
    [Adj] Alert and watchful, esp. for what is dangerous
  30. Brevity
    [N] Briefness
  31. Bereaved
    [Adj] Suffering the loss of a loved one
  32. Perennial
    [Adj] Lasting through the years
  33. Carouse
    [N] To participate in a loud, drunken party
  34. Underscore
    [V] To emphasize
  35. Dubious
    [Adj] Causing doubt; questionable
  36. Delve
    [V] To look for; to search; to investigate (usually with "into")
  37. Accost
    [V] To approach and speak to, usually aggressively
  38. Arrogate
    [V] To claim for one's self unjustly
  39. Engross
    [V] To occupy completely
  40. Vitiate
    [V] To make faulty or impure; to spoil
  41. Undermine
    [V] To weaken
  42. Adamant
    [Adj] Stubbornly unyielding; impervious to pleas, appeals, or reason
  43. Encomium
    [N] High praise
  44. Posit
    [V] To assume as a fact or principle
  45. Euphoria
    [N] A feeling of great happiness
  46. Vacuous
    [Adj] Lacking substance or intelligence
  47. Dogma
    [N] A specific set of ideas or beliefs, esp. religious or asserted to be absolutely true
  48. Turpitude
    [N] Immoral behavior
  49. Venturesome
    [Adj] Adventurous, risky, daring
  50. Cultivate
    [V] To promote growth, to nurture
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