Elite SAT Vocab 1251-1500

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  1. Overwrought
    [Adj] Extremely nervous or excited
  2. Recapitulate
    [V] To summarize; to paraphrase
  3. Sedulous
    [Adj] Working hard and steadily; diligent
  4. Transparent
    [Adj] Obvious; undisguised
  5. Rhapsody
    [N] A state of great happiness; such a state expressed in speech or writing
  6. Self-abnegation
    [N] The putting aside of personal interest for the sake of others or for a belief, cause, or principle
  7. Punitive
    [Adj] Inflicting or intended to inflict punishment
  8. Somnolent
    [Adj] Sleepy
  9. Abjure
    [V] To renounce under oath; to give up or deny
  10. Hone
    [V] To sharpen; to make more effective
  11. Sardonic
    [Adj] Bitterly sneering; mocking
  12. Subtle
    [Adj] Not immediately obvious; hard to understand
  13. Debase
    [V] To make lower in value, quality, or character
  14. Slipshod
    [Adj] Marked by carelessness or casual attention to detail; sloppy
  15. Bureaucracy
    [N] A group of officials and administrators, esp. of a government
  16. Nirvana
    [N] A place of ideal peace and harmony
  17. Proclivity
    [N] A natural or habitual Tendency or inclination
  18. Canny
    [Adj] Clever and cautious
  19. Refractory
    [Adj] Stubbornly resistant to control, authority, or treatment
  20. Tremulous
    [Adj] Shaking; fearful
  21. Intricate
    [Adj] Elaborately detailed
  22. Raze
    [V] To demolish; to flatten to ground level
  23. Opprobrium
    [N] A bad reputation or disgrace gained after a specific action
  24. Pariah
    [N] A social outcast
  25. Pantheon
    [N] All the gods of a people; a group highly respected in a field
  26. Scourge
    [N] A cause of widespread suffering
  27. Abound
    [V] To be plentiful
  28. Coy
    [Adj] Bashful or shy; pretending to be shy; unwilling to make a commitment or divulge information
  29. Resign
    [V] To accept a bad situation
  30. Feat
    [N] An act or accomplishment showing skill
  31. Remedial
    [Adj] Supplying a remedy; intended to correct
  32. Reverie
    [N] Daydream
  33. Umbrage
    [N] Offense or resentment (used with "take")
  34. Auditory
    [Adj] Relating to the sense of hearing
  35. Propensity
    [N] A natural inclination; a tendency
  36. Rejoinder
    [N] An answer, esp. to another answer
  37. Defame
    [V] To attack a person's reputation; to slander
  38. Renegade
    [N] Someone who rejects one group, cause, or allegiance for another
  39. Humdrum
    [Adj] Dull; routine; commonplace
  40. Solicit
    [V] To ask for; to seek
  41. Sojourn
    [N] A brief visit
  42. Truculent
    [Adj] Inclined to fight; expressing violence or hostility
  43. Perspicacious
    [Adj] Having keen perception or understanding
  44. Moribund
    [Adj] Approaching death; nearly obsolete
  45. Heresy
    [N] Deviation from church doctrine or from an established belief
  46. Credible
    [Adj] Capable of being believed
  47. Poise
    [N] Self-assurance; composure; equilibrium
  48. Bellicose
    [Adj] Warlike
  49. Oscillate
    [V] To move back and forth regularly
  50. Recreant
    • [Adj] Showing faithless disloyalty
    • [N] A disloyal coward
  51. Mandarin
    [N] A high government official; a member of an elite group, esp. having high status in intellectual or cultural circles
  52. Prevalent
    [Adj] Dominant; widespread
  53. Mayhem
    [N] Deliberate injury of someone, esp. maiming; a state of violent chaos
  54. Obtrude
    [V] To push forward; to impose (oneself or ideas) on others
  55. Convey
    [V] To carry or transmit; to communicate
  56. Pervade
    [V] To spread through or be present throughout
  57. Forte
    [N] Something at which a person excels
  58. Mercenary
    [Adj] Greedy; motivated by desire for money
  59. Parsimony
    [N] Excessive care in spending; stinginess
  60. Pedantic
    [Adj] Putting unnecessary stress on minor or purely academic knowledge
  61. Precursor
    [N] Someone or something that comes before another and announces or suggests what is to come
  62. Sententious
    [Adj] Expressing much in few words; given to pompous moralizing
  63. Opaque
    [Adj] Not letting in light; unintelligible
  64. Passé
    [Adj] Old fashioned; out-of-style
  65. Manacles
    [N] Shackles; handcuffs
  66. Nonpareil
    [Adj] Having no equal
  67. Oust
    [V] To eject or expel
  68. Commence
    [V] To begin
  69. Mesmerize
    [V] To hypnotize or spellbind
  70. Menagerie
    [N] A collection of wild and strange animals kept in cages
  71. Pious
    [Adj] Exhibiting reverence and religious observation
  72. Venture
    [V] To take a risk; to dare; to dare to go
  73. Nascent
    [Adj] Coming into being; being born
  74. Docile
    [Adj] Easy to teach; submissive
  75. Millennium
    [N] A period of 1000 years
  76. Obliging
    [Adj] Ready to do favors; helpful; courteous
  77. Whimsical
    [Adj] Not able to be predicted; constantly changing
  78. Nomenclature
    [N] A specialized list of terms, words or names
  79. Redeem
    [V] To turn in and receive something in exchange; to make up for
  80. Pronounced
    [Adj] Strongly marked; clearly indicated
  81. Patent
    [Adj] Obvious; evident
  82. Venerate
    [V] To look upon with respect and honor
  83. Reprehensible
    [Adj] Deserving to be severely criticized
  84. Harrowing
    [Adj] Very distressing; painful
  85. Acoustics
    [N] Science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
  86. Collaborate
    [V] To work together, esp. at an intellectual effort
  87. Rectitude
    [N] Conduct according to moral principles
  88. Panacea
    [N] A cure-all or an all-purpose solution
  89. Squander
    [V] To spend wastefully
  90. Subservient
    [Adj] Subordinate in function; obsequious
  91. Capsize
    [V] To overturn
  92. Shiftless
    [Adj] Lazy; lacking ambition
  93. Raucous
    [Adj] Loud and harsh
  94. Assert
    [V] To state confidently
  95. Surmise
    • [V] To infer something by intuition or with slender evidence
    • [N] Such an inference
  96. Objective
    [Adj] Having actual existence or reality; not influenced by emotion or personal prejudice
  97. Tamper
    [V] To interfere, esp. in order to damage or weaken
  98. Eschew
    [V] To avoid; to shun
  99. Tractable
    [Adj] Easily managed or controlled
  100. Fortuitous
    [Adj] Occurring by change (either positive or negative)
  101. Notorious
    [Adj] Having a bad reputation
  102. Travesty
    [N] An imitation that makes a serious thing seem ridiculous
  103. Sycophant
    [N] One who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence
  104. Fertile
    [Adj] Producing abundantly; prolific
  105. Appease
    [V] To satisfy or attempt to satisfy demands by granting concessions
  106. Inept
    [Adj] Without skill; absurd or foolish
  107. Secrete
    [V] To put or keep in a hiding place; to conceal
  108. Entrepreneur
    [N] A person who start and manages a business
  109. Saunter
    [V] To walk in a leisurely manner
  110. Rapture
    [N] The experience of great joy; ecstasy
  111. Obscure
    [Adj] Lacking light; dim; dark
  112. Wheedle
    [V] To persuade or obtain through flattery or cunning
  113. Grandeur
    [N] Magnificence; splendor
  114. Reiterate
    [V] To repeat
  115. Prodigious
    [Adj] Wonderful; amazing; very big
  116. Alloy
    [N] A mixture, esp. of two or more metals
  117. Scoff
    [V] To make fun of; to ridicule
  118. Gaudy
    [Adj] Characterized by tasteless or showy colors
  119. Surreptitious
    [Adj] Done secretly, often of something unseemly or unethical
  120. Circumvent
    [V] To go around, bypass; to surround
  121. Metamorphosis
    [N] A transformation, as by magic; a marked change in appearance or function
  122. Malicious
    [Adj] Spiteful
  123. Symbiotic
    [Adj] Involving a close relationship of mutual dependence
  124. Stentorian
    [Adj] Extremely loud
  125. Propaganda
    [N] The propagation of a belief, a cause, or information reflecting the views and interest of those advocating the belief; material reflecting such a belief or cause
  126. Frolic
    [V] To behave playfully and without inhibition
  127. Quiver
    [V] To shake; to tremble from fear or cold
  128. Juxtapose
    [V] To put side by side esp. for comparison or contrast
  129. Zephyr
    [N] A gentle, soft breeze
  130. Bawdy
    [Adj] Indecent or humorously coarse; lewd
  131. Futile
    [Adj] Having no useful result
  132. Acronym
    [N] A word created by initials
  133. Agenda
    [N] A list of things to be done
  134. Vivacious
    [Adj] Full of animation
  135. Emissary
    [N] A person sent on a mission to represent another
  136. Surrogate
    [N] A substitute
  137. Vituperative
    [Adj] Harshly critical
  138. Regress
    [V] To return to a previous state
  139. Byzantine
    [Adj] Highly complicated or intricate; characterized by devious plotting
  140. Dogged
    [Adj] Refusing to give up despite difficulties
  141. Contentious
    [Adj] Always ready to argue; quarrelsome
  142. Abate
    [V] To lessen in amount, intensity or strength
  143. Festive
    [Adj] Very happy; celebrating
  144. Wily
    [Adj] Full of cunning
  145. Wizened
    [Adj] Wrinkled from aging
  146. Trenchant
    [Adj] Keen and forceful; caustic
  147. Agitate
    [V] To move violently; to disturb
  148. Aspersion
    [N] A remark that attacks one's reputation
  149. Conjure
    [V] To summon or influence by, or as if by, magic
  150. Unfledged
    [Adj] Not yet grown; immature; undeveloped
  151. Embellish
    [V] To decorate; to add ornamental or fictitious details to
  152. Convalece
    [V] To recover from illness; to recuperate
  153. Truckle
    [V] To submit in a subservient manner to a superior; to fawn
  154. Acerbic
    [Adj] Sharp in smell and taste; harsh in tone
  155. Avarice
    [N] Excessive desire for wealth
  156. Waver
    [V] To be uncertain of something; to sway
  157. Rationalize
    [V] To come up with self-satisfying but incorrect excuses
  158. Garner
    [V] To get or earn; to collect or gather
  159. Vindictive
    [Adj] Seeking revenge; marked by a desire to hurt
  160. Cantankerous
    [Adj] Bad-tampered quarrelsome
  161. Dissuade
    [V] To discourage from a course of action
  162. Troupe
    [N] A group of touring actors, singers or performers
  163. Careen
    [V] To lean to one side or swerve while in motion (of a vehicle)
  164. Imposing
    [Adj] Impressive by virtue of size, power, or manner
  165. Boisterous
    [Adj] Noisy and wild; unruly
  166. Ostensible
    [Adj] Outwardly appearing as such
  167. Abase
    [V] To lower in rank or prestige
  168. Immerse
    [V] To cover completely in a liquid; to engage wholly
  169. Tenet
    [N] A belief
  170. Revel
    [V] To delight, to enjoy (used with "in")
  171. Quirk
    [N] A rapid twist and turn; an individual mannerism
  172. Trove
    [N] A collection of valuable items
  173. Holistic
    [Adj] Dealing with something as a whole rather than by its individual parts
  174. Calamity
    [N] An event causing extreme trouble and misery
  175. Partisan
    [N] A strong, often militant, supporter
  176. Prototype
    [N] The original model; someone or something that serves to illustrate the typical qualities of a class
  177. Transcend
    [V] To exceed; to go beyond or above the limits
  178. Disarming
    [Adj] Reducing or preventing criticism with charm
  179. Vigilant
    [Adj] Alert and watchful, esp. for what is dangerous
  180. Brevity
    [N] Briefness
  181. Bereaved
    [Adj] Suffering the loss of a loved one
  182. Perennial
    [Adj] Lasting through the years
  183. Carouse
    [N] To participate in a loud, drunken party
  184. Underscore
    [V] To emphasize
  185. Dubious
    [Adj] Causing doubt; questionable
  186. Delve
    [V] To look for; to search; to investigate (usually with "into")
  187. Accost
    [V] To approach and speak to, usually aggressively
  188. Arrogate
    [V] To claim for one's self unjustly
  189. Engross
    [V] To occupy completely
  190. Vitiate
    [V] To make faulty or impure; to spoil
  191. Undermine
    [V] To weaken
  192. Adamant
    [Adj] Stubbornly unyielding; impervious to pleas, appeals, or reason
  193. Encomium
    [N] High praise
  194. Posit
    [V] To assume as a fact or principle
  195. Euphoria
    [N] A feeling of great happiness
  196. Vacuous
    [Adj] Lacking substance or intelligence
  197. Dogma
    [N] A specific set of ideas or beliefs, esp. religious or asserted to be absolutely true
  198. Turpitude
    [N] Immoral behavior
  199. Venturesome
    [Adj] Adventurous, risky, daring
  200. Cultivate
    [V] To promote growth, to nurture
  201. Corroborate
    [V] To strengthen; to confirm; to support
  202. Expound
    [V] To explain in detail
  203. Bivouac
    [N] Temporary encampment, often in an unsheltered area
  204. Hapless
    [Adj] Unfortunate; unlucky
  205. Wallow
    [V] To roll about lazily, in or as if in water, snow or mud; to revel
  206. Corps
    [N] A group of persons working together or related by a common association
  207. Elated
    [Adj] In high spirits; joyful
  208. Catastrophe
    [N] Disaster; sudden misfortune
  209. Unwieldy
    [Adj] Hard to handle or manage, esp. because of size or weight
  210. Realm
    [N] A region; a kingdom
  211. Gargantuan
    [Adj] Of huge size or capacity
  212. Watershed
    [N] A region that drains into a river, lake, or other body of water; a critical point that marks a division
  213. Impending
    [Adj] About to happen
  214. Defunct
    [Adj] Having ceased to exist or live
  215. Fabricate
    [V] To make, build; to lie
  216. Finite
    [Adj] Measurable; having an end
  217. Captivate
    [V] To capture the attention or affect of, as by beauty, excellence, etc.
  218. Levitate
    [V] To rise or cause to rise and float in the air
  219. Allure
    [N] The power to attract with something desirable
  220. Coterie
    [N] A small, often exclusive group of people who associate with one another frequently
  221. Debunk
    [V] To expose the falsehood of
  222. Vignette
    [N] A small design or portrait; a brief scene (as from a movie) or literary sketch
  223. Tumult
    [N] A great commotion or uproar
  224. Exculpate
    [V] To clear from blame or guilt
  225. Allude
    [V] To refer to indirectly
  226. Predilection
    [N] A special liking for something; a preference
  227. Epitome
    [N] A representative example of a type
  228. Conceit
    [N] A fanciful idea or image, esp. an exaggerated poetic comparison; an extravagant constuction
  229. Baleful
    [Adj] Harmful or threatening harm or evil
  230. Ameliorate
    [V] To improve; to become better
  231. Orient
    • [V] To establish one's location
    • [N] The east
  232. Vex
    [V] To disturb; to distress
  233. Variegated
    [Adj] Distinctly marked with different colors; diverse
  234. Vertiginous
    [Adj] Causing dizziness, as from spinning or heights
  235. Anesthesia
    [N] Unawareness of pain or other sensation; drugs that cause this state
  236. Upshot
    [N] The decisive or final result
  237. Effervescent
    [Adj] Giving off gas bubbles; showing high spirits or excitement
  238. Retrospect
    [N] The consideration of past events
  239. Laity
    [N] All the people not belonging to a given profession, esp. the clergy
  240. Benediction
    [N] Blessing
  241. Bifurcate
    [V] To divide into two parts
  242. Affable
    [Adj] Friendly; easy to talk to
  243. Verity
    [N] A widely-accepted truth
  244. Verbatim
    [Adj] Word for word
  245. Abrogate
    [V] To cancel or repeal by authority
  246. Discreet
    [Adj] Careful about what one says or does; circumspect; done, said, or placed so as to attract little notice
  247. Altercation
    [N] A heated or noisy argument
  248. Outmoded
    [Adj] No longer in fashion
  249. Feud
    [N] A bitter, prolonged quarrel
  250. Delude
    [V] To make someone believe something that is untrue; to deceive
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