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  1. Electricity has ____ wavelength so have _____frequency
    Low, high
  2. Electron
    Particles Of Matter Possessing A Negative Charge And A Small Mass
  3. Electrical Current
    Net Movement Of Electrons
  4. Electrons Will Move From ____ To ____ Potential
    • Higher to lower
    • Neg to pos
    • Cathode (black) to anode (red)
  5. Ampere
    Unit Of Measure Which Indicates Rate At Which Electrons Flow
  6. 1 amp
    movement of 1 coulomb or 6.25x1018 electrons /sec
  7. Current Flow unit
    Milliamps (1/1000) Or Microamps (1/1,000,000)
  8. Electrical Potential Differences
    • Difference In Concentration of Electrons Between Two Points
    • Greater difference greater flow
    • Can be done by chemicals or current
  9. Volt
    • Creates The Potential Difference
    • The Electromotive Force Which Must Be Applied To Create Flow Of Electrons
  10. Commercial Current
    120 V or 220 V
  11. Conductors
    • Materials That Permit Free Movement of Electrons
    • Composed Of Large Numbers of Free Electrons
    • Offer Little Resistance To Current Flow
  12. Good Conductors
    • Metals (copper, gold, silver, aluminum)
    • Electrolyte Solutions
    • Muscle
    • nerve
  13. Bad conductor
    • Fat
    • Skin
  14. Insulator
    • Materials That Resist The Flow Of Electrons
    • Contain Few Free Electrons

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