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  1. Currents with Net DC Potential
    When there is more current flowing in one direction versus the other the current has the ability to produce cataphoresis.
  2. Cataphoresis (Electrophoresis)
    the chemical imbalance produced under electrodes where positive ions flow toward the cathode (-) and negative ions flow toward the anode(+)
  3. WHAT WAVEFORM DO YOU THINK TENS UNITS FOR PAIN USE? Hint units can be used 24 hrs/day
    • Has to have no net DC current like the block one
    • Can be asymmetrical but balance
  4. Currents with Cataphoresis
    • Continuous DC - (Iontophoresis and LIDC)
    • Monophasic pulsatile
    • Asymmetrical Biphasic Pulses (if unbalanced)
    • Unbalanced Polyphasics –number of phases in each direction is unequal
  5. Pulsed Amplitude
    • Same As Intensity or Voltage
    • Measured In Milliamps or Microvolts
    • Average Current Determined By Interpulse Interval Or Current Duration
    • Peak current highest level of current at any period of time
    • Galvanic stim: low bc not on for a long period if time
  6. Pulse Duration
    • Length Of Time Current Is Flowing
    • With Monophasic Current Phase Duration Is the Same As Pulse Duration
    • With Biphasic Current Pulse Duration Is Determined By The Combined Phase Durations
    • With Polyphasic Current The Combined Pulse Duration And Interpulse Interval Is The Pulse Period
  7. Pulse Frequency (CPS, PPS, Hz)
    • Effects The Type Of Muscle Contraction
    • Effects The Mechanism of Pain Modulation
    • Summation: hitting it with AP before muscle has time to relax
    • Slow twitch need 20 pps for tetany
    • Fast twitch nee 50 pps for tetany
  8. Safety in Using Electrical Equipment
    Ground driven near water have to be tested for stray intensity
  9. Group Fault Interrupters
    • Constantly compare amount of electricity flowing from wall outlet to whirlpool turbine with the amount returning FI will interrupt current flow in as little as 1/40 of a second
    • so the heart wont stop
    • ---can produce arrhythmias
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