Chapter 102

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  1. Normal response; obey all traffic rules and regulations is code?
    Code 1
  2. Expedited response; officers will employ continuous use of emergency lights and intermittent use of siren as needed is what code?
    code 2
  3. Any transmission preceded by an alert tone where there appears to be a danger of death or serious bodily harm can operate the vehicle in what code?
    Code 3
  4. When emergency lights and sirens are used in operation continuously from start to finish is what code.
    Code 3
  5. Who has the authority to dispatch calls-for services to police officers?
    Chief of Police
  6. The dispatcher can be questioned over the radio only if the following conditions exist:
    • There is a true emergency. 
    • There are questions regarding the safety of police officers or citizens
  7. Who should line personnel who have complaints related to police dispatchers ?
    Their immediate supervisor, either orally or in writing
  8. The immediate supervisor can, at his/her discretion, take a complaint from?
    • To Broward Sheriff’s Communications Shift Duty Officer of the shift where the incident occurred
    • Broward Sheriff’s Communications Site Manager
    • Fort LauderdalePolice Assistant Chief of the Support Services Bureau or designee
    • Forward the complaint upward through their chain of command
  9. All complaints of incidents will be recorded on what form?
    The Communications Incident Request Review form
  10. How many priority calls are assigned to calls for service?
  11. Code 3 back-up for an officer is priority?
    Priority- 0
  12. What priority is immediate threat of bodily harm?
    Priority 1
  13. Immediate threat of loss of property is priority?
    Priority 2
  14. Routine response are priority?
    Priority 5
  15. Station report calls are what priority?
    Priority 7
  16. What priority does not require police presence?
    Priority 9
  17. What priority is any non-active incident that involves a minor violation or offense
    such as noise complaints or loitering
    (Priority 5)
  18. What priority is any active incident that does not represent a significant threat to life or property
    (Priority 5)
  19. What priorities are any felony or violent misdemeanor that recently occurred and the
    logical probability exists that a suspect is near the scene or in the area and may be apprehended
    Urgent (Priorities 0, 1 and 2)
  20. What priorities are any incident on school grounds while class is in session, i.e.
    disturbances, trespassers, etc
    Urgent (Priorities 0, 1 and 2)
  21. Any serious injury that may result in substantial personal harm including personal injury accidents is what priorities?
    Urgent (Priorities 0, 1 and 2)
  22. What priority is any felony of considerable delay (over one hour) where preservation of the scene or immediate investigation is not an issue.
    (Priority 5)
  23. PSA’s will not be permitted to respond to calls above what code?
    code 1
  24. What calls are received by the Police Department but are referred to other agencies
    No Police Response (Priority 9)
  25. What priority is Delayed Misdemeanor Larcenies (under $1,000)
    No Police Response (Priority 9)
  26. After a maximum time limit of?  the dispatcher will notify the Patrol Supervisor
    15 minuted
  27. Who are expected to be aware of activity within their district and/or area of responsibility
    Police Supervisors
  28. A supervisor will respond and assume on-scene command involving?
    • Critical incidents
    • High-risk incidents
    • Incidents which attract unusual media attention.
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