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  1. Strength: Duration Curves
    • Aß sensory, motor, Aδ sensory, and C pain nerve fibers
    • All nerves have different rheobase, chronaxie, Strength duration relation
    • ----A beta: touch, first to get depolarized
    • ----Motor: Thick, polarized
    • ----A delta: sharp, localized pain
    • ----C: burning, diffuse pain
    • Duration set on estim
    • Greater the Myelin the easier to depolarize with electricity
  2. Electoacupuncture
    Dispersive electors and pinpoint cathode and put on acupuncture points increase beta endorphins
  3. Current Density
    • Volume Of Current In The Tissues
    • Highest At Surface And Diminishes In Deeper Tissue
    • Amount of current (per sq cm) unit area per electrode surface
    • Greater current density in a small electrode is vs a large electrode. So active electrode is the small electrode and dispersive is the large electrode.
    • The farther the spread between the electrodes the deeper the dispersion, better the contraction.
  4. Bipolar arrangement electrodes and same size
    both active but the cathode is more active so put over motor pt
  5. Electrode Configurations
    • Bipolar
    • Monopolar
    • quadripolar
  6. Quadripolar Placement
    • using 4 electrodes
    • 2 electrodes in each channel of a 2 channel unit. Electrode circuits can be either arranged in parallel to one another (paraspinal muscles) or crossed in an interference pattern to focus current between the 4 electrodes in the arrangement
  7. Frequency (CPS, PPS, Hz)
    • Effects the type of muscle contraction
    • Effects the mechanism of pain modulation
    • Use twitch to break scar tissue
    • Summation is the resting period to allow for repolarization.
  8. Recruitment of Nerve Fibers
    A stimulus pulse at a duration-intensity just above threshold will excite the closest and largest fibers (A Beta) : that is why sensory is felt first
  9. Intensity
    • Increasing the intensity of the electrical stimulus causes the current to reach deeper into the tissue
    • Gets low threshold fibers close to the skin and high threshold fibers close to the skin and close threshold deep (C and A delta)
    • Increase intensity increase touch, muscle contraction and get pain fibers
    • full muscle contraction limited by pain
  10. Recruitment of Nerve Fibers
    Increasing the intensity or duration will excite smaller fibers and fibers farther away. C,
  11. Polarity
    • Select Negative Polarity For Muscle Contraction
    • ----Facilitates Membrane Depolarization
  12. Polarity with Current with a net DC Component Positive Pole
    • Attracts – Ions (cations)
    • Acidic Reaction
    • ----Weak HCO3 under electrode
    • Hardening of Tissues
    • Decrease Nerve Irritability (compare to cathode)
  13. Polarity with current with net DC component Negative Pole
    • Attracts + Ions (anions)
    • Alkaline Reaction
    • ----Na hydroxide
    • Softening of Tissues (Proteins)
    • Increased Nerve Irritability
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