chapter 10 motivation exam 2 405

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  1. nature of motivation (define)
    • motivation- is the reason for a behavior.
    • motive- inner force that stimulates and compels a behavior response and provides direction.
  2. Maslow's needs
    • physiological
    • saftey
    • belonging
    • esteem
    • self actualization
  3. McGuires needs
    • is the mode of motivation cognitive or affective
    • is the motive focused on preservation of  status quo or on growth
    • is behavior active or in response to the environment
    • does the behavior help the individual achieve internal or external relationship to the environment
  4. motivation theory & marketing strategy
    • manifest- motives that are know and freely admitted
    • latent- unknown to the consumer or were such that she was reluctant to admit them.
  5. Marketing Strategies based on motivation of conflict
    • approach-approach conflict- A consumer who must choose between two attractive alternative faces
    • approach-avoidance conflict- a consumer facing purchasing choices with both positive and negative consequence
    • avoidance-avoidance- a choice that only has understandable outcomes
  6. personality
    personality- an individual's characteristics response tendencies across similar situations.
  7. personality (Multi trait) know
    • extroversion-
    • Instability -
    • agreeableness-
    • openness to experience-
    • conscientiousness-
  8. personality (single trait)
    • ethnocentrism- individual difference in consumer to be biased against the purchase of foreighn product
    • need for cognition- difference in consumers propensity to engage in and enjoy thinking
    • need for uniqueness- to pursue differentness relative to others though
  9. use of personality in marketing
    user imagery- showing a typical user along with images of the types of activities they engage in while using the brand
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