Spinal Cord Injury 1

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  1. 33 Vertebra:
    • 7 Cervica
    • 12 Thoracic
    • 5 Lumbar
    • 5 Sacral
    • 4 Coccyx (fused)
  2. 31 Pairs of Spinal Nerves:
    • 8 Cervical
    • 12 Thoracic
    • 5 Lumbar
    • 5 Sacral
    • 1 Coccyx (fused)
  3. pathways going UP to the brain carrying sensory information
    Ascending (Afferent)Pathways
  4. a neural pathway that controls ACTION reflex without input from the CNS
    Reflex Arc
  5. Most nerve impulses move up spinal cord to brain and back down thru spinal cord to peripheral nerves…however, some merely enter thru dorsal root of cord, synapse, and exit thru ventral root of cord. (ie. the knee jerk reflex)
    -Intact cord have message sent to brain at same time
    -Some SCI have reflexes without voluntary muscle control (UMN) and some don’t have any reflexes below level of injury (LMN)
    Reflex Arc
  6. an area of the skin supplied by nerves from a 
    single spinal root.Each of these nerves relays 
    sensation, including pain, from a particular region
     of the skin to the brain.
  7. motor pathways delivering signal for movement/response to stimuli
    Efferent (Descending)
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Spinal Cord Injury 1
Spinal Cord Injury 1
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