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  1. Give an alternate definition of "Courage".
    The ability to tolerate uncertainty.
  2. Name 2 ways of being seen as feminine.
    Emotional and indirect.
  3. What is the opposite of emotional?
  4. Define confident.
    Self-assured,  sure of yourself.  As opposed to worrying,  fearing,  doubting,  negative emotionally.
  5. Are women sexual easy?
    Yes!  But society says they cannot show it,  and you must respect that.
  6. What is the best way to get girls?
    Don't play games,  change your mindset from being indirect with women to being direct,  from being feminine to being masculine.
  7. Why do women want confidence,  charm and responsibility?
    Confidence = protection,  Charm = loyalty (won't leave her for another female) , Responsibility = Male taking action,  taking risks,  making effort to seduce her.  Relieves her from social pressure to not have sex.
  8. How does a confident male behave?
    Does not express uncertainty, in general or with women,  and is dominant since he acts like he knows what he is doing.
  9. Does that mean to be domineering?
    No,  it means to put your own interests first, selfish most of the time.
  10. What does it mean to be dominant?
    It means you value yourself,  have a realistic and rational understanding that you must take care of your self interests.
  11. Do I need to lose weight?
    It can't hurt,  but accept who you are,  and recognize that you are fine as is.  Confidence means you must feel good about who you are now.
  12. Change for women,  fear losing women?
    Never- It is not confident to Fear losing a woman.  I expect women to yield to me as I am unyielding in my wants and desires.
  13. How do I predict how  woman will react to my advances?
    You can't,  so stop predicting and find out for sure.  Do not fret about outcome,  you can handle it.
  14. Relate confidence to certainty?
    Confidence is not about feeling certain,  it is about dealing with uncertainty.  Worry plays no part in that.
  15. Why should a man never explain himself to a woman?
    If he fears her disapproval,  she becomes dominant.
  16. Is anger masculine?
    No,  anger is a weak emotion,  esp.  When stirred by  female. Remain calm and inform her that she has exceeded your boundaries.
  17. Are "Negs"  actually a good idea?
    If you are confident,  a Neg will hurt,  as they will value your opinion.  Goal is to make a woman feel good,  but not "better"  than you.
  18. Is feeling confident enough?
    No,  you must take challenging action to Build courage/confidence,  to tolerate uncertainty. Thinking does not get you anywhere,  Action does.
  19. What do women dream of?
    Being swept off their feet,  by a man approaching and interacting boldly with them,  leading the evening.
  20. Define courage.
    Unconditional confidence. Facing fears of embarrassment,  disappointment,  worries repeatedly,  eventually makes them disappear.
  21. Do I need to be funny?
    Only if You want to.  Females are not attracted to funny males,  but find males they are attracted to funny.  If you are too funny naturally,  tone it down.
  22. What does it mean for a woman to feel "special"
    /when a man who has other options chooses her above all the other possibilities.
  23. Selective
    Women want a man that many other women are interested in.  They do not want a man who is interested in many other women.
  24. How do you get a woman into bed?
    Convey to her that she is more special and all able to you than other women.  You do not have to be their counselor or best friend.
  25. Do women want to feel needed?
    No,  they want to feel wanted.  Feeling needed is a sign the male is weak and vulnerable.
  26. What if a woman says she has a boyfriend?
    Acknowledge that she said that,  then Ignore it,  and continue to seduce her. You believe you are as good as a man can get.
  27. How do I handle rejection?
    Confident men do not fear it, are not bothered by what one woman thinks of them.  If it happens,  accept it and move on.
  28. Is it true women will not have sex on a first date?
    No- they all will,  if they meet the right man, a man who is skilled in seduction.
  29. What do men have to do in opening conversations?
    Provide more than half the conversation until she becomes comfortable.  See Noble Method Hook-Lead for more.
  30. How should you talk to a woman,  during pickup?
    As if she is already a lover and sexual partner. Never share personal problems with her.  That's what friends are for.
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