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  1. Thickest/ thinnest skin
    • hands and soles of feet
    • around eyes and over tympanic membrane of ears
  2. Outer most cells replaced
    every 4 – 6 wks
  3. Epidermis
    • takes a cell 2-3 wks
    • Contains
    • ---melanocytes
    • ---Merkel cells
    • ---Langerhans’ cells
    • Plays important role in vitamin D synthesis
  4. melanocytes
    • responsible for skin color
    • melanin protects skin from sun’s uv rays
  5. Merkel cells
    mechanoreceptors that provide light touch sensation
  6. Langerhans’ cells
    attach and engulf foreign material
  7. Epidermal Layers
    • stratum corneum
    • lucidum
    • granulosum
    • spinsoum
    • basale
  8. Stratum corneum
    • “horny layer”- dead keratinocytes – up to ¾ the thickness of the epidemis
    • protects body from trauma and infection
    • constantly replaced
    • pressure or friction in this area is what causes callus
  9. Stratum lucidum
    Intense enzymatic activity preparing cells to become stratum corneum
  10. Stratum granulosum
    • 1-5 cells thick
    • flat cells with various active nuceli
    • aid in keratin formination
  11. Stratum spinosum
    Transitional layer
  12. Stratum basale (germantevium)
    attached to basement membrane is a single row of cells keratinocytes that constantly divide and produce keratin
  13. epidermal ridges go into dermis next to capillaries
    helps support dermis and facilitates movement of fluid btwn cell layers
  14. Dermis
    • Thick deep layer of skin/ 2-4mm
    • Composed of collagen, elastin, and extracellular matrix which contributes to skin’s strength and pliability
    • Contains blood and lymphatic vessels (transport O2/nutritents, remove waste), nerve fibers, hair follicles, fibroblast cells, macrophages, mast cells
    • 2 layers
    • ---papillary dermis
    • --- reticular dermis
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