Elite SAT Vocab 1501-1550

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  1. metaphysical
    highly abstract or theoretical; lacking physical form
  2. kudos
    glory; fame
  3. implacable
    unable to be pacified; relentless
  4. autocracy
    rule by one person with unlimited power
  5. pinnacle
    the highest point; summit
  6. succulent
    full of juice; highly enjoyable
  7. vain
    not producing the desired outcome; worthless; proud or conceited
  8. obeisance
    a gesture, such as a bow or curtsy, that expresses respect or obedience; an attitude of deference, respect, or obedience
  9. havoc
    great destruction and devastation
  10. infatuated
    experiencing an unreasonable passion or attraction
  11. maudlin
    excessively sentimental
  12. discrete
    individually distinct or separate
  13. foreboding
    a sense of impending evil, esp. one without definite cause
  14. attrition
    gradual reduction
  15. devour
    to eat up greedily
  16. impetuous
    characterized by sudden emotion, energy, etc.; impulsive and passionate
  17. imminent
    impending; threatening; likely to happen
  18. ephemeral
    lasting for a short time; fleeting
  19. fledgling
    a young, inexperienced person; a young bird just growing feathers
  20. dispatch
    v. - to send off promptly; n. - efficient speed; a message, esp. official or from a journalist
  21. fireband
    one who stirs up trouble or revolt
  22. privation
    lack of basic necessities
  23. garish
    marked by unpleasantly bright colors or excessive ornamentation
  24. feral
    existing in a wild or untamed state
  25. compendium
    a short, complete summary
  26. disheveled
    disarranged; untidy; rumpled
  27. dispense
    to administer; to distribute; (with preposition "with") to do without
  28. dispirited
  29. icon
    an image; a symbol; a representation of a holy person, esp. in the Orthodox Christian churches
  30. malleable
    able to be pounded; capable of being molded; adaptable
  31. heyday
    a time of success or popularity
  32. meander
    to follow a winding course; to wander without any fixed destination
  33. sanctuary
    a holy place; a place of refuge
  34. patina
    thin greenish layer that forms on copper as a result of corrosion; the sheen on any surface produced by age or use
  35. cherish
    to hold in great affection
  36. sparse
    thinly spread or distributed; not dense or crowded
  37. narcissistic
    excessively interested in one's own appearance, comfort, importance, etc.
  38. persevere
    to remain constant despite obstacles
  39. fiat
    an authoritative order; an arbitrary decree
  40. inscrutable
    hard to understand; enigmatic
  41. palliate
    to lessen the pain or severity
  42. haggard
    appearing tired and thin, as from anxiety, disease, hunger, etc.
  43. pandemonium
    a situation of great confusion, esp. because of fear or anger
  44. benign
    kindly; creating a favorable influence; (in medicine) not dangerous to one's health
  45. flaccid
    lacking firmness
  46. gesticulate
    to make gestures, esp. while speaking
  47. myopic
    near-sighted; failing to demonstrate long-range perspective in acting or thinking
  48. chich
    smartly elegant in style and manner
  49. melancholy
    adj. - sad, esp. a lingering or habitual state of mind; n. - persistent sadness
  50. berate
    to scold severely and at length
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