Elite SAT Vocab 1551-1600

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  1. quaint
    odd, esp. in an old-fashioned way
  2. mores
    accepted rules of behavior
  3. perfunctory
    done without care or interest or merely as a form or routine
  4. civic
    pertaining to a city or citizen
  5. fraternize
    to associate in a friendly manner
  6. deprive
    to take or keep something away from someone
  7. manifold
    of many kinds; numerous and varied
  8. redolent
    aromatic; fragrant; suggestive
  9. prescribe
    to set down as a rule
  10. obtuse
    slow in understanding; dull; stupid
  11. ignominy
    shame; dishonor
  12. erratic
    inconsistent, unpredictable
  13. convivial
    sociable; festive
  14. mercurial
    easily changeable; erratic
  15. dissipate
    to scatter; to spend wastefully
  16. shear
    to cut hair or wool from
  17. largess
    generosity in giving gifts
  18. invective
    language that abuses or denounces
  19. dote
    to show excessive love or fondness
  20. cornucopia
    an abundance
  21. mellifluous
    smooth and sweet; flowing with sweetness
  22. innuendo
    an indirect suggestion about someone or something, esp. of a negative nature
  23. penitent
    feeling regret
  24. malediction
    evil talk about someone; slander; a curse
  25. toady
    a person who flatters others for self-serving reasons; a sycophant
  26. expedite
    to speed up
  27. unruly
    difficult to control; disobedient
  28. caliber
    degree of worth or value
  29. solicitous
    showing great concern for or attention to another; anxious or concerned
  30. oppugn
    to oppose with argument; to contradict or call into question
  31. hidebound
  32. inchoate
    at an early stage of development; not well developed
  33. monolithic
    massive, solid and uniform in appearance
  34. nonchalant
    seemingly unconcerned or indifferent
  35. reproach
    to express disapproval for a fault, usually out of a sense of disappointment
  36. haven
    a safe place
  37. placate
    to make less angry
  38. gamut
    an entire range or series
  39. feign
    to pretend; to fake
  40. decor
    a decorative style or scheme, as of a room
  41. tentative
    experimental; not sure
  42. poignant
    sharply painful to the feelings
  43. memento
    a reminder or a souvenir
  44. patronize
    to sponsor or support; to be kind or helpful in a snobbish way, as if dealing with an inferior
  45. sumptuous
    of a size or splendor suggesting great expense; lavish
  46. filibuster
    • (v) to use a prolonged speech to delay legislative action
    • (n) a speech that delays legislative action
  47. hysteria
    a sudden outburst of uncontrolled emotion such as fear, excitement, etc.
  48. ape
    to imitate
  49. dwindle
    to decrease gradually until little remains
  50. purvey
    to supply
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