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  1. Salters Hall / Clockmasters
    • 4 Fore St EC2
    • enter via Wood St or Moor Lane
  2. Barber & Surgeons Hall
    • Monkwell Square EC2 
    • enter via Wood Street
  3. Pit Theatre
    Silk Street EC2
  4. YMCA City
    • 8 Errol Street EC2 
    • enter via 
    • Lambs Passage Lambs Buildings to SDOL
    • enter Errol Street from Whitecross Street to SDOR
    • leave via 
    • LOL Errol Street L Whitecross Street
  5. Slaughter & May
    • Bunhill Row EC2 
    • enter via Chiswell Street to SDOL
    • LOL
  6. Cromwell Tower
    • Cromwell Place EC2 
    • enter & leave via Beech Street
  7. YMCA Barbican
    • 2 Fann Street EC2
    • enter via Goswell Road SDOR
  8. JP Morgan EC2
    • London Wall/Wood Street EC2
    • SDOL Wood Street
  9. Guildhall School of Music
    Silk Street EC2
  10. Catholic Herold
    • Lambs Passage EC2 
    • enter via Chiswell Street SDOL
  11. Speed House
    Silk Street EC2
  12. City of London Girls School
    • Saint Giles Terrace EC2
    • set down on Wood Street
  13. Virgin Active EC2
    Aldersgate Street/Beech Street EC2
  14. Ironmongers Hall
    • Shaftsbury Place 
    • set on Aldersgate Street EC2
  15. Shipwrights Hall
    • Shaftsbury Place 
    • set on Aldersgate Street EC2
  16. Brewers Hall 
    Aldermanbury Square EC2
  17. Saint Albans Tower
    • Wood Street EC2
    • also the city of london museum on wood street
  18. Ragged School Museum
    • Copperfield road E3
    • SDOL LOR
    • when leaving
    • R Ben Johnson Rd
    • L Rhodeswell Rd
  19. Tredegar Square
    Mile End Road E3
  20. East London Tabernacle
    Burdett Road E3
  21. Greedy Cow Restaurant
    • Grove Road E3
    • Turnaround: LOL Grove Rd L Mile End Rd L Tredegar Sq R Morgan St L Coborn Rd L Antill Rd R Grove Rd 
    • or
    • LOL Grove Rd L Mile End Rd L Alfred St 
    • L Benworth St L Harley Grove L Mile End Rd
  22. Tower Hamlets Cemetery
    Southern Grove E3
  23. Morgan Arms
    Morgan Street E3
  24. Mile End Hotel
    Grove Road E3
  25. Bacons College
    • Timber Pond Road SE16
    • leave lagado mews
    • or R Poolmens St L Needlemen St
  26. Rotherhithe Youth Hostel
    • Rotherhithe St SE16
    • lor Salter Rd
  27. Maple Leaf Square
    • Fishermens Drive SE16
    • enter from Timber Pond Rd
  28. Old Salt Quay Restuarant
    • Rotherhithe St SE16
    • lor Salter Rd
  29. Chartered Accountants Hall
    • Moorgate Place EC2 
    • enter via Copthall Ave from London Wall
  30. Mercers Hall
    • Ironmonger Lane EC2
    • enter via Gresham st SDOL
    • leave by Cheapside-forced left
  31. Innholders Hall
    • College St EC2
    • SDOR
  32. Dyers Hall
    Skinners Hall
    Tallow Chandlers Hall
    Fanmakers Hall
    Abrirators Hall
    Dowgate Hill EC2
  33. Bank of England Museum
    Batholomew Lane EC2
  34. Tivoli Corner
  35. Threadneedle Hotel
    Threadneedle St
  36. Drapers Hall
    Throgmorton St
  37. City of London Magistrates Court
    Queen Victoria St
  38. Saint Mary Le Bow 
    (Bow Bells)
  39. 1 Lombard St Restaurant
    Lombard St
  40. Merchant Taylors Hall
    Threadneedle Street
  41. Black Roof House
    Knatchbull Rd
  42. Calais Gate
    Calais St/Cormont St
  43. Flaxman Sports Centre
    Carew St
  44. Saint Gabriels Manor
    Cormont Rd
  45. London Irish Cadets
    Flodden St
  46. Minet Library
    Knatchbull Rd
  47. Myatts Fields
    Knatchbull Rd
  48. Camberwell Bus Garage
    Warner Rd
  49. London Amateur Boxing Ass
    Comber Grove
  50. Camberwell TA Centre
    Flodden Rd
  51. Rotherhithe Police Stn
    Lower Rd
  52. Daily Mail Printworks
    Surrey Quays Rd
  53. Red Lion Boys Club
    • Hawkstone Rd 
    • via Roundabout-Rotherhithe New Rd
  54. Seven Islands Leisure Centre
    Lower Rd
  55. China Hall PH
    Lower Rd
  56. Surrey Quays Shopping Centre
    Deal Porters Way
  57. Swedish Seamans Church
    Lower Rd
  58. Southwark Park
    Gomm Rd
  59. Hollywood Bowl
    Teredo St
  60. Odeon Surrey Quays
    Surrey Quays Rd
  61. Prince of Orange Apartments
    Lower Road
  62. New Covent Garden Market
    Battersea Park Rd
  63. Elm Quay Court
    Nine elms Lane
  64. Battersea Power Stn
    Cringle st
  65. American Embassy
    Nine Elms Lane
  66. Flower Market
    Nine Elms Lane
  67. Southwark Town Hall
    Peckham Rd
  68. Institute of Psychiatry
    De Crispigny Park
  69. New Dome Hotel
    Camberwell Church St
  70. Washington Hotel
    Curzon St
  71. Stafford Hotel
    St James's Place
  72. Hong Kong Government Office
    Grafton St
  73. Chesterfield Hotel
    Charles St
  74. Royal Academy of Art
    Piccadilly/Burlington Hse
  75. Hilton Hotel Green Park
    Halfmoon St
  76. Whites Club
    Saint James's St
  77. Holiday Inn Mayfair
    Berkeley St
  78. Dukes Hotel
    Saint James's Place
  79. Royal Overseas League
    Park Place
  80. Boodles Club
    Saint James's St
  81. Flemins Hotel
    Halfmoon St
  82. Langans Brasserie
    Stratton St
  83. John Lobb Shoes
    Saint James's St
  84. Sudan Embassy
    Cleveland Row
  85. Funky Buddha Club
    Nobu Berkeley Restaurant
    Berkeley St
  86. Mirabella Restaurant
    Curzon St
  87. Raddison Edwardian Mayfair
    Stratton St
  88. Brooks Club
    Saint James's St
  89. Royal Ocean Racing Club
    Saint James's Place
  90. Just Saint James's Restaurant
    Saint James's St
  91. English Speaking Union
    Charles St
  92. I Am The Only Running Footman
    Charles St
  93. Fortnum & Masons
    Duke St Saint James's
  94. Battersea Dog & Cats Home
    Battersea Park Rd
  95. Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel
    Queenstown Rd
  96. Prince of Wales Mansions
    Prince of Wales Drive
  97. Queenstown Rd Station
    Queenstown Rd
  98. Cloisters Business Centre
    • Battersea Park Rd 
    • R Havelock Terrace
    • F Palmerston Way
    • L&L Bradmead
    • L&R Havelock Terrace
    • F into POWD
  99. Freud Museum
    • Maresfield Gardens
    • enter via Nutley Terrace
  100. Tavistock Centre
    Belsize Lane
  101. Holiday Inn Express Swiss Cottage
    Finchley Rd/Frognal Court
  102. Langorf Hotel
    • Frognal
    • Turnaround:
    • L Lothas Rd
    • L Rosemount
    • F Frognal
  103. YWCA Danish
    • Maresfield Gardens
    • Enter via Nutley Terrace
  104. Quality Hotel Hampstead
    • Frognal 
    • Turnaround: 
    • L Lothis Rd
    • L Rosemount 
    • F Frognal
  105. Thistle Marble Arch Hotel
    Bryanston St
  106. Hertford House/Wallace Collection
    Manchester Square
  107. Marylebone Hotel
    Welbeck St
  108. Raddison Edwardian Sussex Hotel
    • Granville Place
    • Enter via Portman St-R Portman Mews-R Granville Place-SDOR
  109. Churchill Hyatt Regency Hotel
    Portman Square
  110. Durrants Hotel
    George St
  111. Edwardian Lear Hotel
    Seymour St
  112. Selfridges Hotel
    Edward Mews
  113. Selfridges
    Oxford St
  114. Selfridges Cab Rank
    Oxford St
  115. Marylebone Police Stn
    • Seymour St
    • opposite Berkeley Mews
  116. Botswana High Commision
    Stratford Place
  117. Steinway Hall
    Marylebone Lane
  118. Selfridges Food Hall
    Orchard St
  119. Home House Club
    Portman Square
  120. Mandeville Hotel
    Mandeville Place
  121. Holiday Inn Oxford Circus
    Welbeck St
  122. FA Premier League
    • Gloucester Place
    • first right Blandford St
  123. Saint Marys Hospital
    South Wharf Rd
  124. Heathrow Express
    Departures Rd
  125. Marks & Spencers HQ
    North Wharf Rd
  126. Hilton Hotel Paddington
    Praed St
  127. Novotel Paddington
    Kingdom St
  128. Steam Bar
    Praed St
  129. Sheldon Square
    Paddington Basin/Kingdom St
  130. Prince William Hotel
    Craven Rd/Gloucester Terrace
  131. Talbot Square
    Sussex Gardens
  132. Hotel Indigo London Paddington
    London St
  133. Royal Eagle Hotel
    Craven Rd
  134. Lillian Penson Hall
    Talbot Square
  135. Norfolk Towers Hotel
    Norfolk Place
  136. Norfolk Plaza Hotel
    Norfolk Sqaure
  137. Rose Court Hotel
    Talbot Square
  138. Ascot Hotel
    Craven Rd
  139. Alexander Flemming Blue Plaque
    Praed St
  140. Hempel Hotel
    Craven Hill Gardens
  141. YMCA German
    Craven Terrace
  142. Corus Hotel Hyde Park
    Lancaster Gate
  143. Blakemore Hotel
    Leinster Gardens
  144. The Caesar Hotel
    Queens Gardens
  145. Royal Lancaster Hotel
    Westbourne St
  146. Henry VIII Hotel
    Leinster Gardens
  147. Spire House
    Lancaster Gate
  148. Thistle Hyde Park Hotel
    Lancaster Gate
  149. Columbia Hotel
    Lancaster Gate
  150. Central Park Hotel
    Queensborough Terrace
  151. Lancaster Hall Hotel
    Craven Terrace
  152. London Guards Hotel
    Lancaster Gate
  153. Costa Rica Embassy
    Lancaster Gate
  154. Keats House Museum/Heath Library
    Keats Grove
  155. South Hill Park
    South End Rd
  156. Premier Travel Inn Hampstead
    Ornan Rd
  157. Screen on the Hill
    Haverstock Hill
  158. Magdala PH
    South Hill Park
  159. Parliament Hill
    South Hill Park
  160. Black & Blue Restaurant 
    (now Chez & Bob) NW3
    Haverstock Hill
  161. Armoury Sports Centre
    Pond St
  162. Air Studios
    Lyndhurst Rd
  163. Globe Lawn Tennis Club
    Haverstock Hill
  164. Hampstead Police Stn
    Rosslyn Hill
  165. World Association Girl Guides & Scouts/Olave centre
    Waterhouse Close
  166. Camden Ambulance Stn
    Cressy Road
  167. Weng Wah House Restaurant
    Haverstock Hill
  168. Hampstead Cab Rank
    Rosslyn Hill
  169. Tootsies Restaurant 
    (now Thyme)
    Haverstock Hill
  170. Hen & Chicken Theatre
    Highbury Corner/St Pauls Rd
  171. Highbury Magistrates Court
    Holloway Rd
  172. Highbury & Islington Stn
    Holloway Rd
  173. Hampton Court
    Upper St
  174. Inner London Sessions
    Newington Causeway
  175. Trinity Church Sqaure
    Trinity St
  176. Merrick Square
    • Trinity St
    • Enter via: Harper Rd-L Falmouth Rd-L Trinity St-L into Square
  177. Southwark Coroners Court
    Tennis St
  178. Overseas Visitors Record Office
    ACAS (advisory concilliation & arbitration)
    Brandon House
    Borough High St
  179. St George the Martyr Church
    Borough High St
  180. Southwark Police Station
    Borough High St
  181. Royal British Legion HQ
    Borough High St
  182. John Harvard Library
    Borough High St
  183. London City Hotel
    Borough High St
  184. Dickens Square
    Harper Rd
  185. Novotel Waterloo Hotel
    Lambeth Rd
  186. Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel
    Albert Embankment
  187. Museum of Garden History
    Lambeth Palace Rd
  188. Evelina Childrens Hospital
    Lambeth Palace Rd
  189. Royal Pharmaceutical Society
    Lambeth High St
  190. Parliament View
    Lambeth High st
  191. South Bank House
    Black Prince Rd
  192. International Maritime Organisation
    Albert Embankment
  193. Metropolitan Police forensic Laboratory
    Pratts walk
  194. Nautical Institute 
    The Maritime Society
    College of the Sea
    Lambeth Rd
  195. Alma Square
    Hill Rd
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