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  1. eludet (eludo, eludere, elusi, elusus)
    mock (also elude, cheat)
  2. effrenata (effrenatus, effrenata, effrenatum)
  3. iactabit (jacto, jactare, jactavi, jactatus)
    it will boast; it will jerk about
  4. praesidium (praesidium, praesidi(i)) (n)
    guard, garrison
  5. munitissimus (munitus, munita)
    most protected, defended
  6. voltus (voltus, voltus) (m)
    face, expression
  7. patere (pateo, patere, patui, -)
    to be well known
  8. consilia (consilium, consili(i)) (n)
  9. scientia (scientia, scientiae) (f)
  10. coniurationem (conjuratio, conjurationis) (f)
    alliance, conspiracy, plot
  11. O tempora, O mores
    • time/season/occasion
    • character, customs, habits, morals
    • (Make of this what you will)
  12. particeps (particeps, participis) (mfn)
    a sharer, partaker
  13. caedem (caedis, caedis) (f)
    assassination, slaughter
  14. pridem (adv)
    some time ago
  15. conferri (confero, conferre, contuli, conlatus)
    to be conferred
  16. pontifex maximus
    Pontifex Maximus is a title
  17. mediocriter (adv)
  18. labefactantem (labefacto, labefactare, labefactavi, labefactatus)
    shaking, causing to waver
  19. privatus -i (m)
    private citizen
  20. vastare (vasto, vastare, vastavi, vastatus)
    to lay waste, devastate
  21. cupientem (cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitus)
    desiring, being eager for
  22. perferemus (perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatus)
    we endure, suffer
  23. nimis (adv)
    too much
  24. praetereo (praetereo, praeterire, praeterivi(ii), praeteritus)
    I pass over, neglect, omit
  25. novis rebus
  26. suppliciis (supplicium, supplici(i)) (n)
  27. coercerent (coerceo, coercere, coercui, coercitus)
    they punished, restrained
  28. consultum (consultum, consulti) (n)
    decision, resolution
  29. deest (desum, deesse, defui, defuturus)
    it is lacking, absent
  30. ordinis (ordo, ordinis) (m)
    class, body
  31. decrevit (decerno, decernere, decrevi, decretus)
    it decreed, decided
  32. detrimenti (detrimentum, detrimenti) (n)
  33. liberis (liber, liberi)
    In pl = 'children'
  34. permissa est (permitto, permittere, permisi, permissus)
    it was entrusted
  35. remorata est (remoror, remorari, remoratus)
    he/it delayed
  36. vicesimum (viginti, vicesimus)
  37. hebescere (hebesco, hebescere, -, -)
    to grow blunt/feeble
  38. patimur (patior, pati, passus)
    we allow, permit, suffer
  39. aciem (acies, aciei) (f)
    the point, edge
  40. tamquam (adv)
    just as, as if
  41. reconditum (recondo, recondere, recondidi, reconditus)
    having been hidden, concealed
  42. inclusum (includo, includere, inclusi, inclusus)
    having been shut up in (also 'included')
  43. confestim (adv)
    without delay, at once
  44. convenit (convenit, convenire, convenit, conventus) (impers pass)
    it is agreed
  45. dissolutum (dissolutus, dissoluta, dissolutum)
    lax, negligent
  46. nequitiae (nequitia, nequitiae) (f)
    idleness, negligence
  47. faucibus (faux, faucis) (f)
    in the passes, the neck; the entrances
  48. singulos (singulus, singula, singulum)
    individual, but also 'every' and 'one at a time'
  49. adeo (adv)
    indeed, even; exactly
  50. intestinam (intestinus, intestina, intestinum)
    domestic, civil; internal
  51. molientem (molior, moliri, molitus)
    planning, constructing
  52. comprehendi (comprehendo, comprehendere, comprehendi, comprehensus)
    to be arrested
  53. verendum (vereor, vereri, veritus)
    going to have to fear
  54. serius (adv comp)
    too late
  55. adducor (adduco, adducere, adduxi, adductus)
    I am brought, led, persuaded
  56. denique (adv)
    and then; in the end; in fact
  57. improbus (improbus, improba, improbum)
    disloyal, shameless, wicked
  58. fateatur (fateor, fateri, fassus)
    it is acknowledged, admitted
  59. firmis (firmus, firma)
    loyal, staunch
  60. obsessus (obsideo, obsidere, obsedi, obsessus)
    having been blockaded, besieged
  61. coetus (coetus, coetus) (m)
    meeting, assembly
  62. parietibus (paries, parietis) (m)
  63. inlustrantur (inlustro, inlustrare, inlustravi, inlustratus)
    they are illuminated, they are clear
  64. erumpunt (erumpo, erumpere, erupi, eruptus)
    they break out, burst forth
  65. undique (adv)
    on all sides
  66. clariora (clarus, clara)
    clearer, brighter
  67. meministine (memini, meminisse, -)
    remember, recall
  68. XII Kalendas Novembris
    the '21st October'
  69. fore (foris, foris) (f)
    the gates, entrance
  70. VI Kal Novembris
    the 27th October
  71. satellitem (satelles, satellitis) (mfn)
    accomplice, attendant
  72. administrum (administer, administri) (m)
  73. fefellit (fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsus)
    it tricked, deceived
  74. atrox (atrox, atrocis)
    heinous, severe
  75. optimatium (optimas, optimatis) (m)
    of nobles
  76. V Kalendas Novembris
    'the 28th October'
  77. principes (princeps, principis) (m)
    chief men, leading citizens
  78. sui conservandi
    in order to save themselves
  79. reprimendorum (reprimo, reprimere, repressi, repressus)
    going to be restrained, checked
  80. profugerunt (profugio, profugere, profugi, -)
    they escaped
  81. infitiari (infitior, infitiari, infitiatus)
    to deny
  82. circumclusum (circumcludo, circumcludere, circumclusi, circumclusus)
    having been surrounded
  83. discessu (discessus, discessus) (m)
    separation, departure
  84. remansissemus (remaneo, remanere, remansi, remansus)
    we had remained
  85. vixdum (adv)
    only just
  86. dimisso (dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissus)
    having been disbanded
  87. comperi (comperio, comperire, comperi, compertus)
    I learned of
  88. munivi (munio, munire, munivi, munitus)
    I defended
  89. firmavi (firmo, firmare, firmavi, firmatus)
    I strengthened
  90. miseras (mitto, mittere, misi, missus)
    you sent
  91. mane (adv)
    early in the morning
  92. venturos esse (venio, venire, veni, ventus)
    to be going to come
  93. praedixeram (praedico, praedicere, praedixi, praedictus)
    I foretold, warned
  94. perge (pergo, pergere, perrexi, perrectus)
  95. patent (pateo, patere, patui, -)
    they lie open
  96. proficiscere (proficiscor, proficisci, profectus)
  97. nimium (adv)
    too great, excessive
  98. desiderant (desidero, desiderare, desideravi, desideratus)
    they want/long for
  99. versari (versor, versari, versatus)
    Distinguish: verso, versare, versavi, versatus
    to be, live, dwell
  100. sinam (sino, sinere, sivi, situs)
    I allow, permit
  101. lux lucem (f)
    light, but also 'life'
  102. spiritus -us (m)
    breath, breath of life
  103. neminem (nemo, neminis) (mf)
  104. pridie (adv)
    the day before
  105. Kalendas Ianuarias
    the first of January
  106. paravisse (paro, parare, paravi, paratus)
    to have prepared
  107. commissa (committo, committere, commisi, commissus)
    having been begun, committed
  108. me designatum
    'me as signalled, designated' = 'I as [consul] elect'
  109. petitiones (petitio, petitionis) (f)
    candidacies, petitions
  110. coniectas (conicio, conicere, conjeci, conjectus)
    having been hurled, thrown in
  111. declinatione (declinatio, declinationis) (f)
    swerve, divergence
  112. adsequeris (adsequor, adsequi, adsecutus)
    you achieve
  113. conari (conor, conari, conatus)
    to try, to exert oneself
  114. desistis (desisto, desistere, destiti, destitus)
    you give up, cease

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