Elite SAT Vocab 1701-1750

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  1. sanctimonious
    pretending holiness; hypocritically devout
  2. pusillanimious
  3. mar
    to damage
  4. scapegoat
    one who takes blame
  5. impasse
    a dead-end
  6. beguile
    to deceive by charm
  7. vendetta
    a bitter feud or quarrel; fighting
  8. vagrant
    a person who wanders from place to place, esp. one who lives on the streets and constitutes a public nuisance
  9. zest
    hearty enjoyment; flavor or interest
  10. noxious
    harmful to health or the mind
  11. impotent
    powerless; helpless; ineffective
  12. charade
    an obvious pretense or deception
  13. resuscitate
    to revive, esp. from apparent death or unconsciousness
  14. static
    not moving
  15. scintilla
    a small amount; a spark
  16. refuse
  17. undulate
    to move in a wave-like motion
  18. specter
    a ghost; a disturbing image or prospect
  19. seethe
    to be violently excited; to boil
  20. suffuse
    to spread through or over (as with light or color)
  21. devout
    devoted to religion; sincere
  22. amend
    to improve through change or correction
  23. repartee
    a quick, witty reply; series of such replies
  24. unctuous
    oily; showing insincere earnestess
  25. rummage
    to search through by handling or disarranging the contents of
  26. contiguous
    sharing a common boundary; adjoining
  27. allege
    to assert to be true, esp. without or before proof
  28. tax
    to make difficult or excessive demands upon
  29. solace
    comfort in a time of distress
  30. biennial
    happening every two years
  31. schema
    an outline or model, often drawn as a digram
  32. negligible
    of little value or importance
  33. gullible
    easily deceived; credulous
  34. avid
    having a passionate desire
  35. lackdasicial
    showing lack of interest or spirit
  36. abyss
    a deep, bottomless chasm; immeasurable depth
  37. transfix
    to pierce, as with a poitned weapon; to render motionless, as with fear
  38. virulent
    extremely infectious or harmful; bitterly hostile
  39. stalwart
    firm and resolute; having imposing physical strength
  40. redoubtable
    fearsome; formidable
  41. senescent
    aging; growing weak with age
  42. purloin
    to steal, oft. in violation of a trust
  43. adjunct
    something attached to another but not essential to it
  44. attached to something but not an essential part of it
  45. rampant
  46. municipal
    relating to a city, town, village, or the like with local self- government
  47. protege
    one whose welfare, training, or career is promoted by another person
  48. status quo
    the existing state of affairs at a particular time
  49. sylvan
    characteristic of woods or forests
  50. connive
    to cooperate secretly in wrongful action; to scheme
  51. extrapolate
    to predict by extending known information
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