Cell Biology Day 14

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  1. Signal sequence (peptide)
    A stretch of amino acids on a polypeptide that targets the protein to a specific destination in a eukaryotic cell.
  2. smooth endoplasmic reticulum
    That portion of the endoplasmic reticulum that is free of ribosomes.
  3. Endosomes
    Intracellular organelles originating from endocytosis.
  4. Vacuole
    a space or vesicle within the cytoplasm of a cell, enclosed by a membrane and typically containing fluid.
  5. Centriole
    A structure in an animal cell composed of cylinders of microtubule triplets arranged in a 9 + 0 pattern. An animal cell usually has a pair of centrioles involved in cell division.
  6. cilia (cilium, sing.)
    short, hairlike, rhythmically beating organelles on the surface of certain cells that provide mobility
  7. Cytoskeleton
    A network of microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate filaments that branch throughout the cytoplasm and serve a variety of mechanical and transport functions.
  8. flagella (flagellum, sing.)
    a slender thread-like structure, especially a microscopic whip-like appendage which enables many protozoa, bacteria, spermatozoa, etc. to swim
  9. gap junctions
    These provide a cytoplasmic connection between cells and allow small molecules to pass from one cell to another

    • intermediate filaments
    • are a diverse group of cytoskeleton cables that are intermediate in size (diameter) between microfilaments and microtubules. They are composed of fibrous proteins belonging to the keratin family (keratin is the protein found in hair). As well as contributing to overall cell shape, intermediate filaments are the major component of the nuclear lamina,
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