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  1. Define myalgia
    Muscle Pain
  2. Define orthalgia
    Bone pain
  3. When do women get the greatest amount of bone?
  4. What % of ppl with osteoporosis are men?
  5. How do you perform ROM?
    • active then passive
    • active should equal passive ROM
  6. What grade for the muscles is normal?
  7. What are the 3 movements of the TMJ?
    • open/close
    • protract/retract
    • move side to side
  8. What is the most active joint in the body?
  9. What is the articulation of the TMJ?
    Mandible and temporal bone
  10. What is the shoulder joint called?
    glenohumoral joint
  11. What is the articulation of the glenohumoral joint?
    humerus and scapula
  12. Define Circumduction
    movement in a circle
  13. What is the "funny bone"?
    The Ulnar Nerve
  14. What is the articulation of the elbow?
    humerus, radius and ulna
  15. What is the ROM of the elbow?
    • bend/straighten
    • Supinate/Pronate
  16. Where are most of the bones in the body located?
    In the hands and feet
  17. What is the wrist the articulation of?
    radius and carpal bones
  18. What is MCP?
    metacarpal phalangeal joints (connect hand to finger)
  19. Which nerve is involved with Carpal Tunnel?
    Median Nerve
  20. What does the median nerve control?
    • palm of hand
    • palmar surface of thumb
    • 2nd/3rd finger
    • part of 4th finger
  21. Where is the radial nerve?
    on the thumb side
  22. Where is the ulnar nerve?
    Near pinky
  23. What are the 2 tests for Carpal Tunnel?
    • Phalen's Test- press top of hands together 
    • Tinel's Test-Tap over median nerve
  24. What is the Phalen's Test and the Tinel's Test?
    Carpal Tunnel
  25. What is another name for Osteoarthritis?
    Degenerative Joint Disease
  26. Where are Heberden's Nodes and what are they associated with?
    • DIP
    • Osteoarthritis/Degenerative Joint Disease
  27. Where are Bouchard's Node's and what are they associated with?
    • PIP
    • Osteoarthritis/Degenerative Joint Disease
  28. What is rheumatoid arthritis?
    An autoimmune disease
  29. What does rheumatoid arthritis affect?
    • PIP and MCP
    • generally NOT DIP
    • ulnar deviation
  30. What is a Boutonnier?
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • hyperextension of DIP, permanent flexion of PIP
  31. What is Swan Neck Deformity?
    • flexion of DIP 
    • hyperextension of PIP
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  32. Describe rheumatoid nodules
    nodules on hands or lower arm
  33. What articulates the knee?
    • Femur
    • Tibia
    • patella
  34. What is the largest joint in the body?
  35. What is the largest synovial joint?
  36. What are the cruciate ligaments located?
  37. What do the collateral ligaments in the knee do?
    stabilize side to side
  38. What is the ankle the articulation of?
    • tibia
    • fibula
    • talus
  39. What is the ROM for the ankle?
    • flexion
    • extension
  40. How many bones are there in the body?
  41. What are the 3 types of joints?
    • synovial
    • cartilaginous
    • fibrous
  42. What is a Bursae?
    the synovial sac
  43. How many vertebrae are there?
  44. What is the hip the articulation of?
    • femur 
    • acetabulum
  45. What stabilizes the knee joint?
    the cruciate and collaterol ligaments
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