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  1. What does an EKG record?
    electrical activity of the heart
  2. What occurs during depolarization?
  3. Where is the SA node?
    Upper right wall of Right Atrium
  4. What is the BPM of the SA Node?
  5. Where is the AV Node?
    Floor of Right Atrium
  6. What is the main purpose of the AV Node?
    To delay the impulse from the SA node to the bundle of His
  7. Describe the route of electrical impulse
    SA Node >AV Node >Bundle of His > L/R bundles > Purkinje Fibers
  8. What is the P Wave?
    depolarization of atria
  9. What is the QRS wave?
    Ventricular depolarization
  10. What occurs during the ST segment?
    plateau of repolarization
  11. What occurs during the T wave
    Final rapid repolarization
  12. When does systole occur?
    Q-T interval
  13. How long is the PR interval? **
    < .2 sec
  14. How long is the QRS? **
    <.08 sec
  15. How long is the QT? **
    < .4 sec
  16. Which is the main lead used?
  17. How much is each small box worth?
    .04 sec
  18. How much is each lg box worth?
    .20 sec
  19. What are the numbers you need to remember to determine heart rate?
  20. How many ticks do you need to have to determine a HR?
  21. How do you determine Atrial Flutter?
    Saw tooth PT waves, QRS fairly normal
  22. What is Atrial Flutter?
    when the atrias are irritated, there's extra stimulation (NOT contraction) from atrias
  23. Atrial Flutter:
    Atrial bpm <,=,> Vent. bpm
    Atrial bpm > Ventricular bpm
  24. What is unique about atrial fibrillation?
    • Irregularly Irregular
    • wavy P waves, and irregular QRS rate
  25. Describe Premature Ventricular Contractions
    • extra beat in QRS
    • occurs from decreased O2 or K
  26. Describe V.Tach (V Flutter)
    • 150-250 bpm
    • Large QRS, no PT
  27. Describe V Fibrillation
    • Twitching ventricles
    • no rhythym or waves at all
  28. What is heart block describing
    an irregular delay in the AV node
  29. Describe 1st degree heart block
    • AV node is delaying impulse > .2 sec (PR interval)
    • Will be consistent
  30. Describe 2nd degree heart block (Mobitz 1)
    • Going, Going, Gone
    • Normal PR interval, then longer and longerĀ 
    • irregular pulse occuring regularly
  31. Describe 2nd degree heart block (Mobitz 2)
    • 2:1 - 2P waves then QRS
    • 3:1 - 3P waves then QRS
  32. Describe 3rd degree heart block
    • AV Node is completely blocked
    • there's no communication between atria and ventricles
    • QRS is very wide, p waves are normal
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