that's english modulo5 unit 2-3

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  1. humanidad
    The amazing thing about human beings is their ability to invent new things, from the steam engine to the electronic tablet.
  2. motor de vapor
    • steam engine
    • /stiːm /ˈendʒɪn/
  3. viajar en
    • How we lived a hundred years ago is very different from today. A hundred years ago
    • we travelled by horse and carriage. Now we have the motorcar
  4. impersonal

    en 1903 se volo el primer avion
    • In 1903 the first aeroplane was flown. Sixty six years later the first man walked on the
    • moon
  5. ser alguna clase de genio
    you’ve got to be some sort of genius but we are all inventors, do you understand me?”
  6. de donde
    Trevor is always inventing new things, but where does he get his ideas from?
  7. y aun no podia escribir mi nombre
    • “When I was a child, I could do the most amazing things with my Meccano set and
    • yet I couldn’t write my name.”
  8. inventarse
    • If I suddenly see something on television or if I have an accident and I come up with
    • a solution to that problem. I can retire to this room and make a prototype or prove
    • that my idea works.”
  9. ha marcado una enorme diferencia en africa
    • Trevor’s most important invention is the wind-up radio. It has made a huge difference
    • in remote areas of Africa.
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