Celll Biology Day 16

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  1. Helicase
    An enzyme that untwists the double helix of DNA at the replication forks.

    • Lagging strand
    • A discontinuously synthesized DNA strand that elongates in a direction away from the replication fork.
  2. Leading strand
    The new continuous complementary DNA strand synthesized along the template strand in the mandatory 5' 3' direction.
  3. Okazaki fragments
    Look this up in your text book - send me the description
  4. Origins of replication (ori)
    Sites where the replication of a DNA molecule begins.
  5. Primase
    An enzyme that joins RNA nucleotides to make the primer.
  6. RNA Primer
    Short single-stranded DNA which when annealed to complementary DNA is a start point for synthesis.
  7. Replication fork
    A Y-shaped region on a replicating DNA molecule where new strands are growing.
  8. Semi-conservative replication
    Type of DNA replication in which the replicated double helix consists of one old strand, derived from the old molecule, and one newly made strand.
  9. Single-strand binding protein
    During DNA replication, molecules that line up along the unpaired DNA strands, holding them apart while the DNA strands serve as templates for the synthesis of complimentary strands of DNA.
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