ESL Podcast 1112 – Doing Impressions

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  1. describing a voice with very high (not low or deep) sounds
    * Every good horror movie needs a few high-pitched screams.
  2. to talk about problems or the negative aspects of things, just to
    share one’s displeasure, without being constructive or presenting possible
    * Dimitri told Loren to stop complaining about her job and start looking for a new
    one that she’ll like better.
    to complain
  3. an attempt to imitate (copy) another person’s actions, words, and
    behaviors, usually to entertain others
    * Everyone laughed at the comedian’s impression of the Senator.
  4. a phrase used to assert one’s independence and rudely
    state that someone does not have authority over oneself
    * You’re just my brother—you’re not the boss of me, so stop telling me what to
    not the boss of me
  5. to copy; to do what one sees, especially to do what another person
    is doing or to say what another person is saying
    * Peter is trying to imitate the local Welsh accent, but he doesn’t sound someone
    from this area.
    to imitate
  6. a movement made with one’s body, especially hands, to emphasize
    what one is saying or to express oneself without words
    * Doogie is an angry driver who often makes rude gestures toward other cars on
    the freeway.
  7. type of; kind of
    * If you were creating a new country, what form of government would you select?
    form of
  8. a lot of praise given to make another person feel good and/or to further
    one’s own interests
    * Do you really think that flattery will make the teacher give you a better grade?
  9. an insincere imitation of someone or something, designed to make
    others laugh in a cruel, mean way
    * The other children applauded for Vinnie when he won the award, but it was
    really a form or mockery, because none of them thought he deserved it.
  10. a description of the qualities of a voice, including its pitch (high or low),
    warmth, and strength
    * The job applicant replied to the interviewer’s questions with a firm, assertive
    tone that conveyed confidence.
  11. an imitation of a person or thing that is bigger or broader than it should
    be, intended to be funny through exaggeration
    * Wow, this book is like a parody of my teenage years!
  12. innocent and harmless, without trying to hurt anyone
    * It was a mean joke, but he said it in good fun.
    in good fun
  13. unkind and cruel; inconsiderate; trying to hurt another person
    * Their boss is a mean-spirited guy who never thanks them for their work and
    always tries to take the credit.
  14. to misinterpret something; to understand
    something in the wrong way, especially in a way that makes one feel offended or
    * Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you ever thought about getting a
    professional haircut instead of having your mother cut it?
    to take (something) the wrong way
  15. to find the humor in one’s own actions and mistakes; to
    be humble enough to not take oneself too seriously when one has done
    something silly or wrong
    * When Sienna fell off the stage, she had to laugh at herself for her clumsiness.
    to laugh at (oneself)
  16. a person’s sense of self-respect, self-confidence, and self-worth; how
    important one believes one is
    * Losing the game damaged his ego, but he’ll recover.
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