Cell Biology Day 17

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  1. Template strand
    The DNA strand that provides the template for ordering the sequence of nucleotides in an RNA transcript.
  2. Topoisomerase
    An enzyme that alters the degree of twisting or supercoiling of a DNA double helix.
  3. Anaphase
    The fourth subphase of mitosis, in which the chromatids of each chromosome have separated and the daughter chromosomes are moving to the poles of the cell.
  4. cell cycle
    The sequence of events from the time of production of the cell, until the time that it divides, is called the cell cycle.
  5. Centromere
    The centralized region joining two sister chromatids.
  6. Cytokinesis
    The division of the cytoplasm to form two separate daughter cells immediately after mitosis.
  7. G1 phase
    The first growth phase of the cell cycle, consisting of the portion of interphase before DNA synthesis begins.
  8. G2 phase
    The second growth phase of the cell cycle, consisting of the portion of interphase after DNA synthesis occurs.
  9. Interphase
    The period in the cell cycle when the cell is not dividing. During interphase, cellular metabolic activity is high, chromosomes and organelles are duplicated, and cell size may increase. Interphase accounts for 90% of the cell cycle.
  10. Kinetochore
    A specialized region on the centromere that links each sister chromatid to the mitotic spindle.
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