chapter 17 exam 3 m405

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  1. Stockout (three perceived cost) KNOW
    • stockout- temporarily being out of a product
    • substitution - satisafication a consumer will be with replacement brand
    • transaction- mental, physical, time and fincaial cost of purchasing other product
    • opportunity- the reduction in satisfaction associated with forgoing or reducing consumption of the product.
  2. retail outlet
    any source of products or services for consumer
  3. internet shopping (top barriers of using)
    lack of touch and security
  4. store image
    a given consumers or target markets perception of all the attributes associated with a retail outlet
  5. store image dimension (KNOW)
    • merchandise- quality and style
    • service- sales, return
    • clientele- customers
    • physical facilities- clean, store layout
    • convenience- location,parking
    • promotion- advertising
    • store atmosphere- fun, exciting
    • institutional- name brand, reputation
  6. omni channel shoppers
    are consumers who browse and /or purchase in more than on channel simultaneously
  7. retail advertising (spillover sale, reference price)
    • spillover sale- sale of additional items to customers who came to purchase an advertised item
    • reference price- a price with which other prices are compared (reg 9.99 now 5.99)
  8. perceived risk
    • social cost- (ex hairstyle that people dont like)
    • financial cost-( expensive pair of shoe that are to uncomfortable to wear)
  9. shopping orientation
    a shopping style that puts particular emphasis on certain activities or shopping motivations
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