Cell Biology Day 19

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  1. Asexual reproduction
    Reproduction involving only one parent which results in genetically identical offspring by mitotic cell division.
  2. Autosome
    A chromosome that is not directly involved in sex determination.
  3. Crossing over
    During Prophase I the crossing of non-sister chromatids is called crossing over or recombination.
  4. Diploid
    A cell containing two sets of chromosomes one inherited from each parent.
  5. Fertilisation
    the action or process of fertilizing an egg or a female animal or plant, involving the fusion of male and female gametes to form a zygote.
  6. Gametes
    A gamete contains only a single (haploid) set of chromosomes
  7. Germ cell
    One of the diploid cells in the reproductive organsof a multicellular organism that undergo divisionand are the precursors of haploid gametes, suchas a spermatogonium or oogonium.
  8. Heredity
    the passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another.
  9. Homozygous
    Having two identical alleles for a given trait.
  10. Heterozygous
    Having two different alleles for a given trait.
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