Bell's Palsy

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  1. Bell's palsy is the involvement of what CN?
    CN VII (one side)
  2. What is BP?
    (+) weakness/paralysis of the facial muscle.

    • unilateral inflammation of the CNVII
    • ipsilateral paralysis
  3. Causes of BP:

    • Possible causes:
    • 1. vascular ischemia
    • 2. viral disease (H. Simplex/ H. Zoster)
    • 3. autoimmune disease
    • 4. hemorrhage
    • 5. tumor
    • 6. local traumatic injury
  4. S/SX of BP:
    • Distortions of the face
    • Increased lacrimation (tearing)
    • Pain in the face, behind the ears and in the eye
    • Speech difficulties
    • Unable to eat on the affected side (weakness)
    • Inability to puff out cheeks; inability to smile
    • Drooping eyelid; inability to close eyes

    *pt recover completely and rarely recurs.
  5. Medical management of BP:
    Obj: maintain facial muscle tone; px or minimize denervation.

    PREDNISONE- corticosteroid;reduce inflammation and edema (reduce vascular compression and permits blood restoration to the nerve)

    Analgesics- facial pain (or apply heat to the affected side)

    Electrical stimulation- to px muscle atrophy

  6. N/I for pt with BP:
    Reassure pt the a stroke has NOT occurred; recovery: 3-5 weeks.

    EYE CARE- cover eyes with a protective shield at night; eye ointment (to keep eyes closed at night); close paralyzed eyelid manually before going to sleep; wear sunglasses or eye goggles.

    MAINTAINING MUSCLE TONE: facial massage (upward gentle motion); facial exercises (wrinkling the forehead, blowing out the cheeks and whistling-> px muscle atrophy)

    *avoid exposure to COLD and DRAFTS.

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Bell Palsy
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