that's english modulo 5 unit 10-1

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  1. siempre y cuando
    providing [prəˈvaɪdɪŋ]

    I definitely think that er in new cultures and new societies it's (speed dating) a nice way to meet people, providing people are honest.

    • you may go to the ball, Cinderella, providing you are back by midnight.
    • Puedes asistir al baile, Cenicienta, siempre y cuando estés de vuelta a la medianoche.
  2. les funciona a un montón de gente
    i am sure that they work for a lot of people. It's not something that I would try.
  3. complicarse
    Things might get difficult if we have a baby.
  4. ponerse celoso
    to get jealous

    Oh. I’m sorry. I got jealous when I saw the text.
  5. seria
    coherente que tiene sentido
    con significado
    Do you think we can have a meaningful relationship?

    • nothing meaningful is ever discussed at these meetings
    • en estas reuniones nunca se discute nada de trascendencia or nada que merezca la pena
  6. sin sentido
    • in this situation it is meaningless
    • en esta situación no tiene sentido
  7. descuidado
    You have been very careless, Rob.

    • it was careless of her to do that
    • no fue muy prudente de or por su parte hacer eso
  8. cauto cuidadoso
    he's a careful driver es un conductor prudente, conduce con prudencia or cuidado
  9. fiel leal
    Will he be faithful once we're in a relationship?

    faithful [ˈfeɪθfʊl]
  10. enamorarse
    • fall in love with /fɔːl/
    • fell in love with 

    My fiancé fell in love with my sister.
  11. espantoso, horrible
    dreadful [ˈdredfʊl]

    How dreadful!
  12. terror, temor
    dread [dred]

    N terror m, pavor m

    to fill sb with dread infundir terror a algn

    • he lives in dread of being caught
    • vive aterrorizado por la idea de que lo cojan

    • tener pavor a  
    • I dread going to the dentist
    • me da pavor ir al dentista

    • I dread what may happen when he comes
    • me horroriza lo que pueda pasar cuando venga

    • I dread to think of it(informal) ¡
    • sólo pensarlo me da horror!

    CADJ espantoso
  13. leal
    • faithful [ˈfeɪθfʊl]
    • Will he be faithful once we're in a relationship?

    (futuro conector prensente)
  14. fe, confianza
    faith [feɪθ]
  15. ponerse dificil
    Things might get difficult if we have a baby.
  16. crees en el amor a primera vista?
    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    sight [saɪt] vista
  17. en la primera cita
    • Yes, but I'm not going to kiss you on the first date. It's been a wonderful evening, and
    • I'm going home now.

    con on como los días de la semana
  18. déjame que te acompañe  a casa (caminando)

    que vaya contigo caminando a casa
    Let me walk you home.
  19. sacar fuera ( llevar fuera)
    • It's our anniversary, our special day. So get ready, because I’m taking you out
    • tonight. We're going to go out for a romantic meal.

    futuro con tiempo(tonight) se usa presente continuo no going to
  20. resultar duro hacer algo, 
    resultar dificil
    People are so busy these days that – you know - they find it hard to meet people so I think it's a good option.
  21. relacionarse alternar, salir
    socialize - se [ˈsəʊʃəlaɪz]

    I think people are so busy with their lives that they, they haven't got the time to go out and socialise and meet people. So they go onto their laptop and er, you know meet people on sites.

    • you should socialize more
    • deberías alternar or salir más

    we don't socialize much these days últimamente no alternamos or salimos mucho
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