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  1. What is the centroidal moment of inertia of a rectangular cross section?
  2. What is the moment of inertia of a rectangular cross section with respect to its base?
  3. What is the parallel axis theorem?
    The MOI wrt any given axis equals the MOI wrt the parallel axis through the centroid plus Ad2.

  4. What equation describes the longitudinal stress in a thin-walled cylindrical pressure vessel?
  5. What is the equation for required thickness of a thin walled cylindrical pressure vessel due to circumferential (hoop) stress?
  6. How is shear stress related to torque and polar moment of inertia?
  7. What equation describes the circumferential (hoop) stress in a thin-walled cylindrical pressure vessel?
  8. What equation calculates the energy stored in a spring?
  9. What equation calculates rotational kinetic energy?
    • where I is the mass moment of inertia about the rotational axis.
  10. What are the two expressions for radius of gyration?
    • The radius of gyration is the distance (r, k) where all the (area, mass) would be located and give the same moment of inertia (I).

  11. Is this the equation for two springs connected end-to-end, or two concentric springs?
    Two springs connected end-to-end.
  12. Does a column buckle about the axis of the largest or smallest moment of inertia (Ix, Iy)?
    A column will buckle about the axis of the smallest moment of inertia.
  13. What is the equation for the Euler buckling load, Fe?
    • where
  14. What condition must be true to use this expression for column stress?
    • The column stress cannot exceed half of the compressive yield strength.

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